Georgia Moffett

Georgia Moffett


12/25/1984, West London, United Kingdom

Birth Name

Georgia Elizabeth Moffett



Also Known As

Georgia Elizabeth Moffett Davison
  • The cast of White Van Man for BBC Three
  • Georgia Moffett as Emma in White Van Man...
  • White Van Man for BBC Three
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Born to actors Peter Davison and Sandra Dickinson at just four minutes after midnight on Christmas Day 1984, Georgia attended St Edwards School in Oxford before pursuing a career in the entertainment industry. She has performed alongside her father in Red Dawn, a Big Finish Doctor Who audio…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Georgia recently recorded the Doctor Who audio novel for Snowglobe 7.

    • In 2008 Georgia provided a commentary for the episode The Doctor's Daughter with Catherine Tate for the Season Four DVD boxset of Doctor Who.

    • Georgia Moffett appeared as the title character in the a Series four episode of the re-imagined Doctor Who, The Doctor's Daughter. Which is appropriate, since she is, indeed, the daughter an actor who formerly played the role of The Doctor, Peter Davison.

    • Georgia has lived in Twickenham, the same suburb as her father, since 2006.

    • Georgia has two half-brothers, Louis and Joel.

    • Georgia owns a dog called Dogger and a cat called Katie.

    • When Georgia discovered she was pregnant at 16 she knew she didn't have the courage to tell her Father so she rang her stepmother Elizabeth Morton, and begged her to do it instead.

    • Georgia's relationship with her Where the Heart is co-star Adam Paul Harvey ended in 2006, contrary to some rumours he is not the father of her son.

    • Georgia auditioned for a role in the Agatha Christie episode of Doctor Who. She was unsuccessful but impressed the producers so much she was offered a more substantial role in a later episode.

    • Georgia made her theatrical debut as Mathilde Verlaine, in the production of Total Eclipse, at London's Menier Chocolate Factory in 2007.

    • Georgia's first television role was at the age of 14 as Nicki Davey in Peak Practice.

    • Georgia auditioned for the role of Doctor Who companion Rose Tyler.

    • Georgia gave birth to her son Ty when she was 17.

  • Quotes

    • Georgia: It was winter in Cardiff when we filmed and I was wearing very little, so you can imagine how cold that was. David [Tennant] kindly lent me his jacket between takes. I put it on, bent over and ripped the back of it. He's a good 6 foot-something and he's never ripped it; I'm 5 foot 2, put it on and destroyed it!

    • (on her time filming on "Doctor Who")
      Georgia: I spent the whole five weeks I was doing it in a daze that I was there. I didn't quite believe it. I still don't quite believe it. The first day I arrived there they took me to Make-Up via the inside of the TARDIS. I was just going 'oh my God!'

    • Georgia: I used to be painfully insecure - I still am up to a point - but nothing like I was. I used to dress to cover everything up and was not as confident as I am now. I began to realise that there's no point in trying to change who you are for anyone other than for yourself.

    • Georgia: (About her role in The Last Detective) I play a scantily-clad gangster's girl. Not surprisingly, Dad didn't feel at all comfortable seeing me in short skirts and high heels. The worst moment for us came when the director wanted us to flirt and gaze into each other's eyes. He's my dad, for goodness sake, and there are limits, even for actors!

    • Georgia: I can't believe that there is still a stigma attached to being pregnant at 16. But there is, people still have a huge problem with it. All the time I was carrying Ty I was aware of people staring at me in the street and nudging each other. I couldn't always hear what they were saying, but I knew they were thinking 'That poor baby having to be brought up by that slip of a girl'.

    • Georgia: (About her role in Fear, Stress and Anger) I haven't had the best of luck previously, as I always seem to get killed off - so this is a real novelty. It's also the first comedy I've done and the atmosphere on set is very jovial and jolly – and I get to see my dad a lot.

    • Georgia: At first I decided I wanted to do anything other than act. Then the acting bug got the better of me. I suppose it's in my genes.

    • Georgia: (About her character in Bonkers) Debbie seems empty-headed and tarty at first but she truly loves her fiance and isn't really the evil cow she might appear at first. It's just that she wants to experience sex with a bigger man. Seeing me in those scenes was probably not going to be my parents' most exciting experience - especially for Dad.

    • Georgia: [on her father finding out she was pregnant at 16] It was a big shock for him. I think he even had to stop the car to take it all in. But you know Dad is so cool. He just rang me and said, 'Is this the right thing for you? Because the choices you make now are going to change your life forever'. I told him it WAS the right thing - and from that moment he supported me all the way.

    • Georgia: Fathers and daughters have a special kind of bond.

  • Georgia is a brilliant actress and a fantastic mother

    Georgia Moffett is a talented young actress and is great in everything she does.

    She is also a great mum to her son Ty and she manages to hold down a career and motherhood at such a young age. she is great in The Bill as Abigail Nixon (D.S Samantha Nixon's daughter) and Georgia and Lisa get on well of screen aswell as on screen as they can ring eachother for a chat then just burst into tears when they talk about the storylines they are doing (mainly the one when abi went missing)

    i think Georgia is fantastic and i cant wait to see her back on our screens againmoreless