Georgie Parker





12/16/1964 , Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Birth Name

Georgina Parker




One of Georgie Parker's first roles was as Lucy Gardiner on A Country Practice. She has since appeared in such shows as Fire, A Long Way From Home, Over The Hill, Acropolis Now and then spent three years on theatrical productions.

As a child Georgie battled scoliocis. When she was between 13 and 14 years old she had to wear a fibreglass brace day and night which she named 'Boris'. Georgie has always had big dreams for herself. She loved theatre and ballet and every Christmas she got ballet books and books on British theatre. In high school Georgie signed with an agent and began getting jobs. Her first major role was playing Sister Mary Leo in the musical 'Nunsense' in 1988. Georgie was not worried about once again playing a nurse or a nun in All Saints, as she had played both before. She saw it as being promoted from her role as Lucy in A Country Practice. Georgie liked the way All Saints shows the Nurses and the part they play in hospitals rather than the doctors point of view. "What the Nurses do is dramatic and deserves to be told", Says Georgie. In her spare time Georgie goes to the gym, runs and swims to keep fit and help keep the muscles in her back strong. Going to the movies is also a favourite pastime for Georgie.