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  • A fine, versatile actress.

    I haven't seen anything Georgie Parker did before All Saints, but the characters she plays in All Saints and The Society Murders are so different and it says a lot about Parker that she pulled both characters off.

    I was sad when Georgie/Terri left all saints (was I the only person rooting for a last-minute reconciliation between her and Jack?) but could understand she felt the character had run her course. She had done a great job as Terri and her various trials and tribulations; especially like the Neil Phillips and Jack Quade storylines.

    I was thoroughly impressed with her performance in The Society Muders, where she plays a woman coming to terms with her mother and step-father's death, and her brother and sister-in-law's involvement. I really hope Georgie gets another TV role soon, or at least enough juicy roles to keep us on our TV screens for a while to come.
  • Georgie is great.

    Georgie Parker is a very talented lady. I remember thinking where I'd seen her before and I couldn't remember till I read her credits. I used to watch In A Country Practice and that's where I'd seen Georgie before. Her character in All Saints was a favourite too and I was very sad to see her leave the show. I would have liked to have seen her character end up with Nelson, but it's up to the writers. I will always love Georgie in this part, as she is absolutly great as Terri. I hope to see more of her in the future!
  • A classic Aussie icon :)

    I first saw Georgie Parker in A Country Practice when I was little. Me and my sister would pick characters to be and we would both fight over who would be Lucy.
    I think she is a fantastic Australian actor and I have grow up watching her and following her career.
    I never knew she could sing until I saw the Man from Snowy River and I was not disappointed.
    All Saints will not be the same without her and I hope to see her back on TV soon.