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  • Trivia

    • Geraint was in New York playing the part of Edmond in King Lear, which starred Christopher Plummer in the title role, when he was asked to play Cyrano in Michael Kahn's production of Rostand's play. Stacy Keach had been signed on for the role, but when his knee surgery failed to heal in time, they knew that they needed a replacement within a few days' time, and Geraint was deemed to be the best choice to take it on at the last minute.

    • Geraint has narrated a pair of audio books, Great American Suspense: Five Unabridged Classics and Great Classic Hauntings: Six Unabridged Stories.

    • In 2004, Geraint recorded a CD which was auctioned for charity titled "5 Uneasy Pieces". Only one copy was made of the CD, so that it would fetch the highest possible bid for the charity.

    • Geraint is 5'11", with brown hair and eyes.

    • Geraint admits his favorite episodes of Forever Knight were; "The Fix", "Curiouser & Curiouser", and "Blood Money". He says that shooting "Blood Money" was the most fun he ever had on the set.

    • Geraint's hobbies include golf, tennis, skiing, and traveling.

    • After the tragedy of September 11th, Geraint wrote a poem entitled "The Rest is Silence," which can be read on his official website.

    • While attending boarding school in Toronto, Geraint ran the schools theater. He admits to playing all of the female characters until he convinced the school to allow girls to join.

    • Geraint says that if he wasn't an actor he'd have a job writing music, although he doesn't know what form the music would take.

    • Geraint's 20 year marriage to artist Alana Guinn ended when he became involved with his Cyrano co-star, Claire Lautier, in 2006. Geraint played Cyrano, and Claire played Roxane in this production for Washington DC's Shakespeare Theatre Company. Geraint and ex-wife Alana have two children together, son Galen (born in 1986) and daughter Pyper (born in 1988).

    • In 1999, Geraint was the executive producer of the short film Cocktailed Confusion.

    • In 2006, Geraint became a U.S. citizen. His induction ceremony was presided over by Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg after the Court had been sworn in for the session. Geraint had become a resident of Washiington DC while starring in a production of Love's Labour Lost.

    • Geraint is represented professionally by Paradigm in Beverly Hills, California.

    • In 2000, Geraint released a CD entitled "Bar Talk." All the music on the album was written, arranged, and performed by Davies. Geraint has donated the proceeds from the CD to several charities, including Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation, the Childrens' Hospital Foundation of Washington D.C., the Atlantic Theatre Festival of Wolfville and The Stratford Festival's Shakespeare School located in Stratford, Ontario.

    • Geraint's son, Galen, guest starred in "The Human Factor", a third-season episode of Forever Knight.

    • Geraint has been nominated for three Gemini Awards, all in the category of "Best Performance by an Actor in a Continuing Leading Dramatic Role." In 1993 and 1996 for Forever Knight and in 1998 for Black Harbour.

    • Geraint's acting dream was to play the title role of Richard III in the famed Shakespeare play. In early 2007 he achieved that dream when he starred in the Shakespeare Theater Company in Washington D.C.

    • Davies has admitted that he has a fear of heights.

    • On the Forever Knight episode "Baby Baby", Davies was actually playing the piano. He also co-wrote the song for that episode.

  • Quotes

    • Geraint: (about playing "Nick Knight" on "Forever Knight") To this day, people stop me on the street and want to talk about it, but most of them are almost eerily reverential about it.

    • Geraint: (his career goal) I want to play all of the great classical parts and I need to do some new plays as well. Who knows, maybe even some musicals.

    • Geraint: Doing series TV is almost like being addicted, but you have to get back to the stage. Otherwise, it gets pretty false. It's all about smoke and mirrors, but the stage provides better smoke, better mirrors.

    • Geraint: (on performing in D.C.) Washington is such an exciting place to perform theatre. A lot of the great minds of the world congregate there and it's wonderful to interact with them.

    • Geraint: You don't set out to be remembered as a vampire, but if that's what made the biggest impression on people, then so be it.

    • Geraint: (on playing Richard III) I want to find as much delight in it as I can. This was Shakespeare having a great romp. I don't think he agonized over Richard's evil. I think he realized that this was one of the greatest parts he'd ever get to write. The darkness of it comes out of the results of Richard's actions, not out of the way he goes about them.

    • Geraint: (on his first job) I was 13 years old in Scarborough and I worked in a bake shop dipping cookies into chocolate. I was brilliant at it. The only problem with a job like that is you want to eat all the things.

    • Geraint: I have two children, Galen and Pyper. Names that are Gaelic, but easier to say than mine.