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    • Gerald McCullouch: It was kind of when the CSI family began, and I remember that Marg [Helgenberger, Catherine Willows] and I worked together on one of the first scenes of the first episode ever and people were calling her Marg and me Gerald (soft G). And because she has a hard 'G' and because I have a hard 'G' we kind of bonded at that moment. And it's been really amazing, the show has had the life that it has had and that I have been with it for such a long time.

    • Gerald McCullouch: (About working on CSI) It's been a really great experience. This is my sixth season now and I have never been with a show this long and that in itself is an incredible experience. Not to mention the statue of the show it's received in its six years.

    • Gerald McCullouch: I started out as a painter. I got a scholarship to Savannah School of Art and Design and during my senior year at high school when I was thinking I was going to be a visual artist, that's when I got the job at Six Flags over Georgia. When that happened, my focus kind of started wanting to become a singer. Then via Six Flags, I was referred to audition for the BFA Musical Theater Program at Florida State, still with my main focus being singing. But through my education at Florida State I cultivated a gigantic affinity for acting.

    • Gerald McCullouch: Marg and I had uh, probably in the third or fourth season, had a fun little joke that ended up getting cut about some guns.I don't know how specific I can be, but most of my favorite moments have ended up being cut from episodes that have aired.

    • Gerald McCullouch: My very first professional job, which is kind of funny when you look back on it -- in high school, I sang and danced in one of the musical reviews at Six Flags over Georgia. Which cracks me up when I think about it. But that kind of got me started on the path I am. And when I moved to New York after Atlanta, I did a lot of musical theater including playing Jesus. And that was kind of the touchtone in my career that moved me to L.A. and kind of began me on the path that I'm on now.

    • Gerald McCullouch: My hobbies have changed dramatically throughout the years. I tend to really get as much out of life as I can. And I think one can do that by continually learning. I try to always find a new way to educate myself and that kind of is my hobby in a nut shell.

    • Gerald McCullouch: I have a lot of respect for the CSI's. In the end, we're doing a really good thing. Solving a crime, explaining someone's death, proving right from wrong/legal from illegal, truth vs. non truth. And just like any situation with co-workers, there are times I agree with their actions and insights and others when I think, 'Hang on a second. How come I know more about this than you do? Put me out in the field gosh dangit! All these late nights in all this blue lighting is making me itch for some out door Vegas!'

    • Gerald McCullouch: Billy is a great guy. Very sweet. And is a huge reason why the show is what it is.

    • Gerald McCullouch: My "gun education" has been incredible. And it's something I never I thought I would ever be very knowledgeable of.

    • Gerald McCullouch: First let me say that there are so, so, so many aspects of being part of CSI and aspects of the show itself that I think are out of this world incredible. So, to name a "best" would be too hard to isolate. Let's just say that in a nutshell, that other than my health it's the one thing in life that I'm most thankful for.

  • He is soooooooo great!!

    I love his character Bobby Dawson in CSI. Bobby Dawson is the most underrated character in CSI. Hopefully if he gets his own show people will see how great he truly is. There is so much he can say. Gerald McCullouch is such a talent actor. He is also a talented singer. I found some of his music before and it just takes your breath away. If for some reason acting doesn't work out for him he certain could have a career in singing (not that I'm saying acting won't work out for him, it will it's just that singing is always another possibility for him). So to sum up he is a great actor, a great singer, and I forgot to mention that he is hott!moreless