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  • Promised Land

    Please bring this awesome show (Promised Land) back to life! This is what we need now! Good, wholesome TV to watch. I am begging to see the Greene's on the road to where ever and make me smile!
  • Nothing special...

    I currently watch the CBS drama "Jericho" and Gerald McRaney plays the major of the town, well he was the major. To me, he isn't a special actor and he doesn't play his role that well, I am sure that someone else could have done a much better job. Also his character makes so many wrong descions and it gets annoying.
  • Gerald McRaney has provided this show with some comfort and experience from a seasoned actor.

    I am a big fan of another show which is Deadwood. After watching Gerald McRaney work his magic in this show it was great to see him in Jericho. I am not sure what impact his character will have on the show but I am sure it will be a good one. His past works provide a good source of experience to pull from as he develops his character on Jericho. I am looking to see Gerald McRaney use some of the same things he used in Deadwood and apply them to Jericho. He was a bit harsh and off the cuff in Deadwood and would really like to see his character take that turn.
  • Amazing, charming, brilliant. Loved him in Simon and Simon, Promised Land, Major Dad and Deadwood. Soon to be seen in Jericho. From funny to dramatic he can play it all.

    Imagine my surprise after seeing Gerald in "Deadwood" playing the engimatic George Hearst, I was overwhelmed by his brilliant dramatic portrayal of a very nasty character! He pulled it off brilliantly and effortlessly. Underrated in my opinion and so glad that once Deadwood is finished he will be seen in "Jericho" can't wait. For me his Emmy worthy performance in "Deadwood" will give opportunities to play more bad guys. Love it! Love him!
  • Gerald McRaney has proven himself to be a very versatile actor.

    I used to watch Gerald McRaney in "Major Dad" during its original run, but I didn't really pay much attention to him as an actor until I began watching "Simon & Simon" in syndication a little over ten years ago. Sure, I thought that "Major Dad" was a great show, but I absolutely adored "Simon & Simon." Once "Simon & Simon" became my favorite show, I began trying to catch other shows with the actors in them, and thus I discovered the range and talent of Mr. McRaney.

    Over the years, I've enjoyed watching him play a variety of roles: comedic, dramatic, good, bad, etc. Each time I've been impressed with his performances. Gerald McRaney has proven himself to be a very versatile actor. He has been one of my all-time favorite actors for years now, and I try not to miss any show or movie in which he takes part.
  • My favorite actor for the past 25 years. He impresses me every time I watch him perform. You'll never know what a departure that is for me. The man has just got "it". I'm so glad I get to partake.

    Wow, this is hard. How do I tell you all how much pleasure this man\'s acting has given me for the last 25 years. It started with his role as Rick on Simon & Simon. I was blown away with how his performances would affect me. I couldn\'t wait for the next episode so that I could watch him again. I also think that he is beyond sexy and handsome, but that\'s beside the point.
    Then came Major Dad. He played this character to perfection as well. His comedic timing was amazing.
    After that came Promised Land. Again, superb acting that just kept me coming back for more.
    I have far too many favorite performances and scenes to mention here, but let me just say that I think he should have won an Emmy for the Simon & Simon episode, \"I Thought The War Was Over\".
    I continue to watch everything that Mr. McRaney is in. And I thank him for the many hours of enjoyment that he has given to me over the years. I look forward to the next 25 years!