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    • Philip Marlowe creator Raymond Chandler heaped praise on Gerald Mohr's radio portrayal of Marlowe, saying "Gerald Mohr is absolutely tops. A voice like Gerald Mohr's gave you a personality which you fill out according to your fancy."

    • Amendments to Gerald Mohr character names. Correct character names for the following TV shows as follows:
      The Dick Powell Theatre - The Sea Witch - Jerry Plowright
      The Big Valley - Flight from San Miguel - Dr Raoul Mendez
      The June Allyson Show - Surprise Party - Danny Roberts.

      Gerald Mohr did not have a recurring role in the Maverick TV series. He made 7 separate guest star appearances, of which Gus Tellson was one, guest star in "The Deadly Image".

    • In 1950, Gerald Mohr was named "Best Male Actor on Radio" by "Radio and Television Live" magazine.

    • There is a biographical page dedicated to Gerald Mohr in the book "Best of the Badmen" (2005) by Boyd Magers, Bob Nareau and Bobby Copeland.

    • In 1950, "Radio and Television Life" magazine named Gerald Mohr "The Best Male Actor on Radio" for his starring role as Philip Marlowe on the CBS radio serial.

    • In 1950, "Radio and Television Life" magazine named Gerald Mohr "the best male actor on radio" for his characterisation of Raymond Chandler's sleuth, Philip Marlowe. Mohr starred in 119 episodes of "The Adventures of Philip Marlowe" between 1948 and 1950.

    • In an American newspaper article dated 11 December 1966, Mohr is quoted as saying, in relation to his playing of the "heavy" roles: "The best heavies, however, are those actors who play the part with a little humor, a little love of life thrown in. You've got to look like you enjoy the job. When you break a hero's arm ... smile. When you throw sand in his face ... chuckle a little. When you push the old lady down the stairs ... wave good-bye as she goes. Audiences are happiest when they can watch a man who loves his work."

    • An unfulfilled ambition of Gerald's was to play a circus clown. He even had a painting made of himself dressed as a clown.

    • During his lifetime, Gerald Mohr performed and starred in over 500 radio plays, including playing Philip Marlowe in the CBS radio series between 1948 and 1950, when he portrayed the character 109 times.

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