Geraldine James

Geraldine James


7/6/1950, Maidenhead, Berkshire, England, UK

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Geraldine James is a famous award winning English actress who has acted in many films and TV shows since the 1970s. She is probably best known for her wonderful portrayal of Sarah Layton in the iconic 1970s TV series, The Jewel in the Crown, which made her a household name.more


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    • Geraldine: It was on a driving holiday in northern France in the early 1990s. I think French hotels are generally pretty awful - lumpy beds, often not terribly clean and just uncomfortable - but usually the food is fantastic.

    • Geraldine: I'm not very good in the sun - though I love being in it - so I always take a hat and factor 47 suncream.

    • Geraldine: I'm a chronic insomniac, so I need something to lull me to sleep, like rain on the roof or the sound of the sea.

    • Geraldine: When I was filming Gandhi, the cast found a little hotel north of Bombay that the family had built when their daughter was getting married - the Manori Belle, near Gujarat. It was run by a wonderful woman named Phoebe and we stayed there often. It was absolutely beautiful and now, when I can't sleep at night, I take myself back there.

    • (About Drama Centre London)
      Geraldine: It was a brilliant place for people like me. All I wanted to do was be on a stage and I just remember the enthusiasm there.

  • Dummy

    Hi, I am trying to gain background information about the film Dummy 1977 starring Geraldine James. I know Franc Roddam directed it with screenplay by Hugh Whitemore. If possible I would like to get hold of the screenplay and any written background research. I have seen the drama and highly recommend watching this. It was transmitted by ATV in November 1977