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Gerard Gilroy

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  • Gerard Gilroy, basically a charming, friendly and overall nice-guy.

    Gerard Gilroy. I first discovered this man at the Drury Lane theatre, where he works both as an actor, taking tourists around the theatre, showing the backstage things, and as an usher.

    I was genuinely surprised at how friendly he is, being genuinely happy to talk to people and to discuss practically anything that is brought into conversation!

    His acting skills, as far as I have seen, are great! He is a modest and quiet man. When I asked him for his autograph, he was shocked and surprised and very happy! I really do think that this man deserves a break in the world of professiona acting. It must be awful to be an out of work actor, having to see other actors in plays where you work.

    But to cap things off, he is a perfect man to be a great actor, he just needs a break! Good luck to him!moreless