Gerard Kearns

Gerard Kearns


10/4/1984, Lancashire, England

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Gerard Kearns



Also Known As

Gerard Kearns:
  • Gerard Kearns is Ian Gallagher  in Shame...
  • Ian Gallagher is played by Gerard Kearns...
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British actor Gerard is best known for his role as Ian Gallagher in the Channel 4 television series Shameless. Since making his TV debut in 2004 (where he played a minor character in British drama Holby City) Gerard has gone on to appear in film and TV productions…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • In September 2008, Gerard participated in a charity football (soccer) match. He played for the Emmerdale team which was mainly composed from stars from that show, but with some exception including Gerard and Big Brother 6 (UK)'s Anthony Hutton. The opposite team was composed from former professional players.

    • For his role in the Mark of Cain, Gerard has won a Performance in a Drama award from the Royal Television Society. He shares the award with his co-stars Shaun Dooley and Matthew McNulty.

    • July 2008, Gerard participated in the celebrity football (soccer) match to celebrate the unveiling of a statue of England and Stoke City great Banks at the Britannia Stadium. The two teams were headed by legends Gordon Banks and Pelé, Gerard was part of the Pelé team.

    • Gerard appeared in his first frontal nudity scene in the Channel 4 television movie The Mark of Cain in 2007.

    • Gerard is a fan of boxer Ricky Hatton. In May 2008, he attended a fight with Tina Malone, Ciaran Griffiths, Nicky Evans and Rebecca Atkinson; his fellow cast members from Shameless.

    • Gerard has made a pledge for CAFOD (Catholic Agency for Overseas Development) to make his bit to protect the environment. CAFOD promotes a better world where everybody has the same opportunities and we respect our planet.

    • Gerard decided to become an actor after seeing a friend in a television commercial for Dairylea. He got the number for his friend's agent. Gerard was 14 at the time.

  • Quotes

    • (On going out while at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in 2005)
      Gerard: I loved it - getting people to get beer for you, playing cards, getting drunk, trying to get into clubs, me getting knocked back because I looked about 12.

    • (On how actors kiss from a sex they aren't attracted to)
      Gerard: You don't complain, you enjoy it. It would be the same for a gay guy to kiss a woman or a lesbian woman to go with a man. You have to really work at it and understand where the character is coming from.

    • Gerard: (On his character Ian Gallagher's sexuality on "Shameless") On a personal level, it's tough to play a gay teenager when you're straight, but you just get on with it. It's work.

    • Gerard: (On meeting with a psychiatrist to prepare for his role in the Channel 4 movie "Mark of Cain") I had a session with him about post-traumatic war syndrome. That was an eye opener. When you are acting sometimes you think it's daft. Then you talk to someone who says he deals with people like that every day, and you feel you have a bit of responsibility to get it bang on.

    • Gerard: (On the reaction from the people of the Gorton estate during the filming of the second series of Shameless) I think they were more insulted by us stepping on their privacy, but, at the same time, I think they appreciated what we were doing to represent the community and the city they are from, which they are proud of and which they love.