Gerard McCarthy

Gerard McCarthy


3/31/1981, Belfast, Northern Ireland

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Gerard McCarthy


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Gerard began his acting career when he was awarded the Kenneth Branagh Renaissance Scholarship to attend the Laine Theatre of Arts. He graduated in 2002. He made his professional debut in the Perth Repertory Theatre's production of Carousel before joining the cast of the smash hit West End…more


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  • Why does no one appraitiate this actor. He is fantastic.

    Gerard McCarthy is one of the best actor that has ever been on Hollyoaks. He is so taleted and I can't understand why other people don't realise this. He was awarded the Kenneth Branagh's Renaissance Scholarship to train at the Laine Theatre Arts School and he graduated in 2002. Personally I think he is too good an actor to be on Hollyoaks but i'm certainly enjoying watching him develop his role and make the programme 10 times better than it was before. He is the reason I watch it each night. Not only that but he is so sexy. I love that he has the most original character on Hollyoaks. I think the script about him (Kris Fisher) and Jennifer Biddall (Jessica Harris) is just great and so original. I haven't seen many soaps that have a Bi-sexual, cross dresser have a relationship with a posh girl in them and not only that but the way the two characters play off of each other and insult each other but seem to get a kick out of it and challenge each other and fall for each other is just great. I just wish that these two would have a main story instead of a back up story such as when they used Kris and Jess's kiss to fill the gaps of Becca being stabbed. That sort of annoyed me quite a bit. I was screeming at the screen for them to bring back the original and far better story. To be honest I don't give a damn if Becca lives or dies. I can't wait to see what this talented actor will do next with his character. But I at least hope that he gets the appraitation that he deserves.moreless