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  • that's nice vlad

    i think it's nice that Vlad wants humans and vampires to get long in peace some one like that would end up the history book i like watching the show i go to youtube and i watch all those show of young Dracula i hope that there well be more season of young Dracula...
  • Gerran Howell is the hottest 17 year old on television and is as his classification says Gorgeous. Mazing young lad and the best of luck to him in the future!

    Gerran Howell is a 17 year old superstar.

    He is loved by every girl and some boys who see him.

    He has stared in a couple of tv shows one - he is most famously known for is the childrens bbc show young dracula in which he stars as the main charachter. Another program he starred in for one episode was casualty as Niall Andrews. He has also starred in a short 15 minute film called mummy's boy as the main charachter.Overall Gerran has a lovely personality fun loving and caring and he is very hot and amazing. Anybody lucky enough to know him as I do have been layed upon with a beauty so devine its like love at first sight.He currently attends Barry Coprehensive school in six form studying performing arts. We all hope that such a good actor like him will have a brilliant future in both work and social and good luck to gerran with everything he does and lets hope he grows even more hot and romantic over the years.He is also welsh and his name is prunounced with a g- sound not a j- sound. Thanks for reading this review.

    Hope Gerran enjoys reading this too!

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