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Most famous for her role as Betty Rubble in The Flintstones, beginning in 1966 when she took over the role from Bea Benaderet. Johnson followed Benaderet, who left "The Flintstones" to take a role in "Petticoat Junction" (shortly before Benaderet's death on April 19th, 1966, due to cancer). While Benaderet originated the voice of Betty Rubble on "The Flintstones," Johnson created a new voice for the character, as well as and the distinctive, "Oh, Barney" laugh that have been used ever since. Johnson also played Betty Rubble in the first Flintstones feature film, "The Man Called Flintstone," as well as playing one scene in that film where she did all voices for a conversation among a French woman, and English woman, and Betty. Prior to her taking on Betty Rubble and many other voices for Hanna-Barbera cartoons, Johnson co-starred in "Panorama Pacific," Red Rowe's morning TV talk show in Los Angeles. Her many stage credits include lead and supporting roles in the first season of the Dallas Theatre Center's repertory company in the 1950's. During the '50's, she also created and starred in "Gerry Johnson's Variety Fair," one of the first live variety shows in the southwest, which ran for many years in Dallas, Texas. As host of "Variety Fair," Johnson co-produced, co-directed the show; she also wrote and played in comedy and song-and-dance skits for "Variety Fair." She excelled, too, in interviewing, including TV personalities - like Ed Sullivan - who rarely granted interviews. Prior to her marriage, Johnson graduated from Stanford University with a Bachelor's degree focusing, of course, on acting. Gerry Johnson died on 24 January 1990. "A Man Called Flintstone" was released on video after her death.