Gerry Lancaster

Gerry Lancaster


12/25/1950, San Jose, California

Birth Name

Gerlad Lancaster


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    • Prior to entering the BB3 house, Gerry told CBS he wanted to be on BB3 to win the money and because he thought it was an intriguing challenge that would test endurance and will.

    • Gerry told CBS that the strengths he brought to BB3 were that he is very personable, used to dealing with people and their different issues because he is a teacher.

    • Prior to entering the BB3 house, Gerry said that the comfort items from home he would miss the most were his tools and his wife.

    • Prior to entering the BB3 house, Gerry said that the type of news from the outside world he would you miss the most was sports and politics.

    • Gerry told CBS before entering the BB3 house that he would be good at both physical and mental competitions.

    • Prior to beginning BB3, Gerry told CBS that he planned to win the game by "learning all I can about my fellow HouseGuests, both their strengths and weaknesses, and use my personable nature to disarm them. I intend to be, or to remind them of, the father and teacher they always wanted to have. I want them to feel safe with me and to be the last one they'd want to be rid of."

    • Gerry said that the three adjectives that best describe him are: witty, competent, and gregarious.

    • After his eviction from BB3, Gerry was asked how he would respond to Roddy's statement that this is a game about honesty and decency, to which Gerry replied "In some ways, Roddy and I would like it to be a game about honesty and decency, or game-play like a chess match, but it's not. It's all about deceit and duplicity and backstabbing and false friends."

    • Gerry said that the personality trait most important for winning the Big Brother game is flexibility.

    • After his eviction from BB3, Gerry told CBS that he played the game as he hoped he would, strategy-wise.

    • Gerry said that the most difficult aspects of being on Big Brother were "the complete lack of mental stimulation and the fact that I was at least 20 years older than the next oldest HouseGuest."

    • Gerry said that the one thing he would have done differently on BB3 was not to have been so eager to jump into the immediate plot to get rid of Marcellas.