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Giancarlo Fisichella

Giancarlo Fisichella


1/14/1973, Rome, Italy

Birth Name

Giancarlo Fisichella



Also Known As

Fisi, Fisico
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After playing second fiddle to Fernando Alonso for two years, Giancarlo Fisichella has a shot at the World title himself as Renault's most experienced driver in 2007. Giancarlo broke into F1 with Minardi in 1996 after being their test driver, he then moved to the Jordan team in…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Giancarlo signed with the Force India Formula One team for 2008.

    • As at December 2007, Giancarlo is engaged to Luna. They have two children together, Carlotta and Christopher.

    • Giancarlo has a phobia of spiders.

    • When asked what his greatest achievement outside of racing is, Giancarlo says it is seeing his children growing up happy.

    • Giancarlo states his least favorite food as being curries.

    • In 2005, Giancarlo made 12 laps of the 1.2 km Circus Maximus track in his Renault F1 charger that wound around three sides of the world-famous venue in Rome, Italy.

    • In June 2007, Giancarlo launched the Fisichella Motor Sport Academy, at the Vallelunga circuit near Rome. Courses are designed to help students earn diplomas to become race engineers, mechanics, telemetrists, technical directors, aerodynamicists, team and driver managers, trainers and press officers.

    • In April 2007, Giancarlo revealed he had set his sights on Ricardo Patrese's record of 256 Grand Prix starts. Giancarlo has just over 180 races under his belt and will have to continue racing for another four or five seasons in order to surpass the record.

    • In Melbourne 2006, Giancarlo claimed a front row spot alongside Jenson Button, but the car's anti-stall system cut in on the grid and he had to take the re-start from pit lane, ending the race in a creditable fifth position.

    • Giancarlo lists his most important thing in life as being his health and to have a happy family.

    • Giancarlo drives a Renault Safranne.

    • In 1993, Giancarlo competed in the Italian Formula Three series, finishing runner up. In 1994 he won the Championship. In 1995, Giancarlo moved to the International Touring Car Championship series, driving for Alfa Romeo.

    • Giancarlo's first Formula One race was in the 1996 Australian Grand Prix. In 1997, he achieved his first F1 podium at Canada when he finished third for the Jordan team. Giancarlo's first win in Formula One was the 2003 Brazilian Grand Prix.

    • Some of Giancarlo's favorites:
      Giancarlo's favorite song is Roma, Roma, Roma;
      Giancarlo's favorite clothes designer is 'Hollywood' (who just happen to be his sponsor);
      Giancarlo's favorite genre of films is comedy;
      Giancarlo's favorite food is Bucatini alla Matriciana (a pasta dish from Rome);
      Giancarlo's favorite drivers of all time are Ayrton Senna, Michael Schumacher and Jacques Villeneuve;
      Giancarlo's favorite circuit is Imola;
      Giancarlo's favorite car is a Porsche RS Turbo;
      Giancarlo's favorite drinks are Coca-Cola and Orange Juice.;
      Giancarlo's favorite musicians are Sting and Eros Ramazzotti;
      Giancarlo's favorite actors are Sharon Stone and Sylvester Stallone;
      Giancarlo's favorite colour is blue;
      Giancarlo's favorite type of music is modern music, particulary Zucchero.

    • As at end 2007 Giancarlo has participated in 195 GPs.
      As at end 2007 Giancarlo has finished 130 F1 GPs.
      As at end 2007 Giancarlo has been on the F1 podium 18 times.
      As at end 2007 Giancarlo has finished in the points 72 times.
      As at end 2007 Giancarlo has had 65 retirements from F1 races.
      As at end 2007 Giancarlo has won 3 F1 GPs.
      As at end 2007 Giancarlo has had 3 F1 pole positions.
      As at end 2007 Giancarlo has had 2 fastest laps in F1 GPs.
      As at end 2007 Giancarlo has had 2 doubles (pole position and win).

    • The engines Giancarlo has raced with are as follows:
      Ford ED 3.0 V8 (1996)
      Peugeot 3.0 V10 (1997)
      Playlife 3.0 V10 (1998)
      Playlife 3.0 V10 (1999)
      Playlife 3.0 V10 (FB02) (2000)
      Renault Sport RS21 (2001)
      Honda RA002E (2002)
      Ford Cosworth CR-4 3.0 V10 (2003)
      Petronas 04A (2004)
      Renault RS25 (2005)
      Renault RS26 (2006)
      Renault RS27 (2007)

    • The chassis Giancarlo has raced with are as follows:
      Minardi M195B (1996)
      Jordan 197 (1997)
      Benetton B198 (1998)
      Benetton B199 (1999)
      Benetton B200 (2000)
      Benetton B201 (2001)
      Jordan EJ12 (2002)
      Jordan EJ13 (2003)
      Sauber C23 (2004)
      Renault R25 (2005)
      Renault R26 (2006)
      Renault R27 (2007)

    • The teams Giancarlo has raced for are as follows:
      Minardi Team SpA (1996)
      Benson and Hedges Total Jordan Peugeot (1997)
      Mild Seven Benetton (1998),
      Mild Seven Benetton (1999)
      Mild Seven Benetton Playlife (2000)
      Mild Seven Benetton (2001)
      DHL Jordan Honda (2002)
      Jordan Ford (2003)
      Sauber Petronas (2004)
      Mild Seven Renault F1 Team (2005)
      Mild Seven Renault F1 Team (2006)
      ING Renault F1 Team (2007)

    • Giancarlo's approx. height and weight:
      Height : 172 cm
      Weight : 67 kg

  • Quotes

    • Giancarlo: (on joining Force India for the 2008 F1 season) I am looking forward to joining Force India for the coming season. At the test in Jerez, I was very impressed with the team's professionalism and commitment to move forward and I hope that my experience will help them achieve these goals. Contrary to what people may think, this was not my only opportunity, it was the best one: with new owners and a competitive budget, I really think we can shake things up next year. I feel motivated and ready to help Force India get points on a regular basis.

    • Giancarlo: (on joining Force India for the 2008 F1 season) I am looking forward to joining Force India for the coming season. At the test in Jerez, I was very impressed with the team's professionalism and commitment to move forward and I hope that my experience will help them achieve these goals. Contrary to what people may think, this was not my only opportunity, it was the best one: with new owners and a competitive budget, I really think we can shake things up next year. I feel motivated and ready to help Force India get points on a regular basis.

    • Giancarlo: (reacting angrily to claims by F1 boss Bernie Ecclestone that his ability behind the wheel is limited at best) Like a father you have talked about your children, including me. I wanted to remind you dear Daddy, I mean dear Bernie, that I am the one who won the first grand prix in Melbourne in 2005 with Renault and therefore I was the one who first discovered the R25 as a winning car. In the two seasons I spent alongside (Fernando) Alonso, in full agreement with the strategies of my team, I have contributed to two constructor titles, taking home the fourth place in the drivers' championship just like (Ferrari's Felipe) Massa this year.

    • Giancarlo: (on F1's return to the Fuji circuit) There are several interesting places on this circuit: turns five and six for example look fairly tricky. The final section is a bit slow with first and second gear corners. I think there'll also be a few traps because of poor visibility. This is because there's a part of the track that falls away, and in one corner in particular it's impossible to see the apex. The circuit looks quite interesting but I still think that Suzuka is the yardstick in Japan.

    • Giancarlo: (asked who he would most like to get stuck in a lift with) A girl for sure! Let's say Monica Belucci – she's an Italian actress.

    • Giancarlo: (on his favorite race of all time) For me it's always Monte Carlo. I like the circuit – my family are all there and I have my boat there. It's good.

    • Giancarlo: (on who he preferred out of Mansell or Piquet) They were both great drivers. They are different but both very good. I have to say one? I'll go for Mansell.

    • Giancarlo: (on which racing car, past or present, he would most like to drive) For an Italian driver maybe a Ferrari – any time when they were competitive.

    • Giancarlo: (on his plans for 2008) My contract is with Renault but the team has to choose very soon if I will be re-confirmed or not. Personally, I would like to stay because I have worked very hard and made very few mistakes.

    • Giancarlo: (after demonstrating his Renault F1 car at the Circus Maximus venue in Rome, in 2005) I have always dreamed of doing something like this in my home city. Thank you to all the people who came down to see the Roadshow, even though the weather was not perfect. It was a special day for me to have my family, friends and fellow Romans come to watch this demonstration. I hope they enjoyed it!

    • Giancarlo: (prior to the 2007 Canadian GP) It's a fantastic race, in a great city. I have some very good memories from this race, because I have been on the podium four times! I hope to have another good race for me and the team this year as well.

    • Giancarlo: (asked if Renault's 2007 change from Michelin to Bridgestone tyres really made a dramatic impact) For sure it was a big change for everyone, but not for me, the driver. The Bridgestone engineers have been of great help to us, especially as we started to better investigate how the tyres work on our car. But there was nothing we did wrong - or vice versa.

    • Giancarlo: (on Renault's 2007 charger, the R27) The R27 is a good project but needs improvements on one or two areas. We believe we have now pinpointed those areas and we are now working to get immediate results.

    • Giancarlo: (his thoughts on the Indianapolis Motor Speedway) Contrary to what you might think, it's not an easy circuit, and it's very difficult to find the good set-up. You have to find a good compromise between having enough grip through the infield, and being fast down the straight. You need a stable car with a good change of direction for the twisty section, but good top speed to be able to overtake or defend your position on the straight. It's not an easy balance to find.

    • Giancarlo: (on the atmosphere at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway) It's incredible to be honest. There are lots of real racing fans, it is a legendary circuit, and that makes it very special to be competing in a Grand Prix here. And it is all the more special because I managed to finish on the podium here last year [2006]…

    • Giancarlo: (following the 2007 Canadian F1 GP) The race was going well and the car was quick, but everything ended badly. I could have finished on the podium and it is frustrating to miss out on an opportunity like that. The positive thing to draw out of it all, though, is that the car was clearly competitive in Montreal. We were fighting with Ferrari in the race. That's encouraging for this weekend in Indy… and hopefully we can round it off with a better result.

    • Giancarlo: (on Jacques Villeneuve) Jacques says quite a lot of things in the media right now. He talks too much.

    • Flavio Briatore: (on Giancarlo's poor finishing in the 2007 Australian GP) By the second half of the race Giancarlo was already in the hotel.

    • Mike Gascoyne: (Giancarlo's former technical chief says Fisi is unlikely to remain at Renault beyond 2007 if he fails to shine for the team this year) He definitely has to win half a dozen races this year. If not he'll be falling back to the teams down the grid; he won't be getting another top line drive.

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  • Giancarlo Fisichella is a gorgerous man! E una persona speciale!He is a gentleman and he deserves the best things.

    Giancarlo Fisichella.... What can I say?.... Fantastico! Perfetto! He is a great man and a great driver. At seeing him many people try to be so polite, so serious, so smart, so bright, so strong, patient, responsable as he is. He makes people better.

    He changes people's life and he changed my life. Looking at this wonderful person I realised that I'm not very good. And I deciced to change my life. Now I go in for sport, I'm an excellent student, I'm happy.

    He has a good taste and style. If I was going to buy a present for somebody I'd chose Fisichella's perfume.

    I would watch every show with him, every programme. By the time he didn't manage to win th F1 Championship yet.

    But I know he will do it soon. He has a strong will and a beautiful soul. This man deserves the victory and happiness.

    And may fisi be happy, healthy, successful

    May he win! Lots of love, Galamoreless