Gianna Michaels

Gianna Michaels


6/6/1983, Seattle, Washington, USA

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Becky, Genia, Gianna, Gianna Rossi, Gianna B
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Gianna Michaels is a Gemini. She was approached to do porn by different porn agents and she decided to give it a try.


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    • Gianna Michaels: (On her success and popularity in the adult industry) I think you basically answered that question yourself. I am not every other chick that is in the industry. There is nothing wrong with any of the women that are in the industry because everyone is different. It is just that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I am grateful for my success and as long as people continue to like me I plan on fucking sticking around.

    • Gianna Michaels: It wasn't necessarily they would ask me, 'do you want to be in porn?' They would ask me, 'do you want to be a model?' I got stuck on that at first because I was very interested in it. It then became something obviously a lot more than just 'modeling'. It eventually became more nudes and more adult. It just took off from there. It piqued my curiosity and I just kind of gave it a try and decided let's fucking do it.

    • Gianna Michaels: I thought going in it was going to be a struggle to stay in porn but after my scene it all felt so normal. I wasn't conflicted in any way by what I had done. I had no guilt or regret or anything. It was what it was pretty much and I decided that I didn't have a problem doing it. There really isn't a long story behind it. My attitude was why fucking not?

    • Gianna Michaels: Actually, the porn industry introduced itself to me. I was approached a few times by a couple of different agents randomly while I was walking home from work or just in the process of living my life. It kept on presenting itself and eventually I thought, 'you know what? I am just going to give it a try.' I had no strings attached holding me to it. If I did not like it, I can walk away after the first shoot. I ended up not having an issue with it. I loved the f&#*ing money and loved what I was doing and decided to make a career of it for a while as long as it lasts.