Gil Birmingham





7/13/1966 , San Antonio, TX

Birth Name




GIL BIRMINGHAM is becoming quite the man and popular at best. Because of his self-expressive manner, along with other positive attributes Gil is making a name for himself. In looking over a recent article, "Indian Country Today," talks about his creative talents and achievements in the entertainment world. I believe that whoever Gil portrays you can rest assured he brings his character to true life form.

Gil was born to a Native American father, a Comanche, and a non-native mother, his place of birth being on a military base in San Antonio, Texas. While growing up, Gil and his family constantly moved around the country, which must have put quite a strain on relationships. Other than that, Gil managed to receive a degree in Business Administration from USC, as well as utilizing an ongoing acting career.

If you have already seen the upcoming mini-series on ABC "Dreamkeepers," as well as PAX TV "Body and Soul" you'll find that Gil is worthy of his artistic ability. I am sure he will continue to perform theatrically.