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Gilbert Arenas

Gilbert Arenas


1/6/1982, Los Angeles, California

Birth Name

Gilbert Jay Arenas



Also Known As

Hibachi, Gil, The Black President, Gil Zero, Agent Zero, East Coast Assassin, Agent 0
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    • Gilbert: We dug down deep. We got stops early in the fourth quarter and from there they were just fighting to get back.

    • Gilbert: It's a blessing. It's an honor to be an All- Star and I'm really happy that Commissioner has chosen me. I'm excited and honored to be picked among the best players in the game, and I'm looking forward to representing my teammates and coaches and this entire organization at the All-Star Game.

    • Gilbert: There's still motivation there. I've still got things to prove. I'm going to always have something to prove in this league. I'm one of those players who's just got to keep fighting, and I'm not going to give up.

    • Gilbert: That chip was falling off from the 2001 draft and now another chip goes on. You've just got to go out there and play. You can't let something like this hurt you. You know, 2001, I used that to get to this point and I'll use this to get further.

    • Gilbert: We did a great job tonight. It was a great team effort. We have been improving defensively, and it's been showing.

    • Gilbert: It's an honor for the organization, an honor for me and an honor for my family. It's nice for our fans to get to enjoy having an All-Star that's representing their city.

    • Gilbert: When you turn on the tube you see him hitting six 3s in a game, so you know he can shoot the ball. And this was just one of those nights when he caught fire.

    • Gilbert: He (Davis) bailed me out a little bit. Because then I'd have had to try and create and finish over a big man, which I probably would have done.

    • Gilbert: We're rolling. We're feeling pretty good.

    • Gilbert: Shocked? Everyone was shocked. You were shocked. I was shocked. He was shocked that it went in. It's hard to win or lose a game with 0.5 seconds left, but obviously it happened.

    • Gilbert: That was difficult. I just tried to play my game and go inside. It was kind of frustrating, driving in and getting hit. I didn't hear any whistle.

    • Gilbert: I'm on a mission. Somebody has to pay. Somebody is going to pay until I end my career.

    • Gilbert: I already had it in my mind. It's time for elimination. I'm the terminator. I'm in terminate mode, and I'm trying not to get out of it.

    • Gilbert: At Golden State, we were losing, and you could hear them. 'We've got 16 more hours and 56 minutes, 32 seconds, 31 seconds (until the All-Star break)' No, no. We've got goals. That's only for the bad teams with veterans on it that can't wait to get back to their families.

    • Gilbert: I'm not disappointed (to not be picked by fans or coaches). I'm just happy I made it. It's an honor.

    • Gilbert: Somebody's going to have to pay for me missing the initial. And that's almost every Eastern Conference team out there.

    • Gilbert: Some people say all five of them should have gotten in. This is All-Stars, not All-Star teams.

    • Gilbert: What happened to him, something like that is always going to haunt him. He can get some of it back, but it's not going to be where he used to be. They're going to make it hard to get back, but he's Kobe Bryant. He might take it back.

    • Gilbert: Every win counts. This game was as important as the next game and the next game all the way for the rest of the season. Every game and every win is very important to us right now.

    • Gilbert: We just have to live with it. He was 28 feet away and he hit it with somebody in his face. There aren't very many people who can hit that shot.

    • Gilbert: We fought hard. It came down to another night with a call at the end of the game that broke our back. At the end, we went to a zone and Gary hit that three. He hit it and got the game within reach. From then on they got to the free throw line and got some easy baskets.

    • Gilbert: We said 'what's up' to each other. It's all good.

    • Gilbert: They are better than what they are showing now.

    • Gilbert: I'm at a point in my career where no one can stop me. It's going to take more than one guy to stop me. They better have a back line.

    • Gilbert: I think that the biggest difference is that we played harder, for whatever reason.

    • Gilbert: We've been on the road, so when you come back it's hard to get that home rhythm that you are used to. It kicked in during the second half.

    • Gilbert: It got weird toward the end on this one, but it was our third win in a row.

    • Gilbert: We came out 19-9, playing good defense, getting rebounds. We wanted to have an aggressive attitude from the jump.

    • Gilbert: Maybe we aren't as good as we think we are. We keep thinking we're a playoff team, but we are getting beat by teams we're supposed to beat. We need to come out and play a little harder, play with a little sense of urgency. We have the talent.

    • Gilbert: Maybe we aren't as good as we think we are. We keep thinking we're a playoff team, but we are getting beat by teams we're supposed to beat. We need to come out and play a little harder, play with a little sense of urgency. We have the talent.

    • Gilbert: We're not turning the ball over now and we're playing solid defense.

    • Gilbert: I wasn't even in attack mode. I was just trying to come off the pick-and-roll. If there was a mismatch, I was just trying to get to the rim or into the 15-foot area where I could just try to shoot over them.

    • Gilbert: We're going to beat them once. That's all it takes - is one time. We're just going to keep fighting and fighting and fighting until we get 'em. That's all we can do.

    • Gilbert: We did our job, but when a team is doing badly it's usually because they are breaking down offensively. We were just there at the right time.

    • Gilbert: Brendan is coming out and playing hard, blocking shots, getting rebounds. He's actually fighting in there.

    • Gilbert: This is how we were playing at the beginning of the season when we were holding teams to 85 points. If we can keep playing like this, we'll be pretty good.

    • Gilbert: We have five winnable games. They're not going to be easy. We've got to go out there and play. January will tell what we're about, what we're made of. We just need to do some soul-searching and come in with some heart.

    • Gilbert: We are enjoying playing together again. We haven't had this feeling since the first six games of the season where we are actually going out there happy to play.

    • Gilbert: He's going to be an All-Star quickly. He's my rookie of the year.

    • Gilbert: We're so good individually that you get caught up in it sometimes, and then you see why good teams with great, great individual talent can fall — because everyone wants to win the game, everyone wants to make great plays. Here we're just trying to share the ball. If Detroit can do it, anybody can do it.

    • Gilbert: You know, it happens. I'm playing like an All Star, and I know I'm one of the elite players, so if I don't get picked, in my mind I'm still one of them. If I don't go, then I get to work out.

    • Gilbert: We turned it on at the right time. We played solid defense all the way through, and in the fourth quarter we gave that extra effort and got the win.

    • Gilbert: A lot of them told me that they had seen me on TV and that it was nice to see a familiar face. If that makes somebody feel good, then here I am. You can't just sit there and watch it on TV and wonder what you can do to help. Everybody can help. I'm hoping that more people will follow the lead of the relief workers that are doing their part.

    • Gilbert: You can see what they've been through by the look on their faces. I'm just trying to cheer them up. I can't imagine what they're going through, and what they've seen, but I know what we can do from this point on to try to make it easier for them. You have to just open your arms and make them as happy as you can.

    • Gilbert: They are hometown heroes. I know they are going to be excited about coming home, but it's not about us against Steve Blake and Juan Dixon. We are trying to get the win and get back to .500.

    • Gilbert: I'm not one of those fakers who is going to scream and flop and play all those little mind games trying to get a call, I'm just going to go and get my basket, ... But then I look on TV and see Paul Pierce shot 24 free throws and Michael Redd shot 17 and I'm like, 'Man, I go to the hole harder than anybody, so where are the calls at?'

    • Gilbert: After the close games we've been playing it was good to just come out, put it all together and put one away. I was happy that we didn't let up when we got the lead. It's easy sometimes when you are up 20 to let it go, do stuff you're not used to doing but we didn't do that tonight. We took good shots, moved the ball well and good things happened for us.

    • Gilbert: He's my rival because we both came in the same year, but it's like we're together because we got picked 28 and 31, so it's great when you consider what we've done for this league and our class.

    • Gilbert: He has something I don't have. He has two rings. That's what every player dreams of, and he has two of them.

    • Gilbert: Every single night in this league you are going to run up against a great player who is capable of taking a game over and helping their team win, ... Now we're going to New Jersey and they have great players. Being in the NBA is not easy.

    • Gilbert: We used to have our words down there, a lot of trash talking, ... It should be fun to see what he recalls from last year because I do have a different game from last year.

    • Gilbert: We used to have our words down there, a lot of trash talking, ... It should be fun to see what he recalls from last year because I do have a different game from last year.

    • Gilbert: The last time he stuck me, I scored 41 points when he was [with the Wizards] and I was with the Warriors, ... You print that. He's going to laugh about that one because I tease him about it all of the time.

    • Gilbert: You can't be stopped and you don't think you can be stopped. That's how I felt tonight.

    • Gilbert: We have more interchangeable parts than we did last year. We just have to get all of these interchangeable parts playing together and cooperating with each other. I've been out for a while. Caron missed a couple of games, Antonio missed some games as well as Jarvis, so we just have to get everyone back in the mix and we'll be fine.

    • Gilbert: First time on television, we won. It was a special moment for us.

    • Gilbert: Talent speaks for itself. But I'm going to try to be the best I can. If I make the All-Star team this year, I make it. If I don't, I don't. ... But I am gonna make it.

    • Gilbert: I didn't want to leave the Golden State fans, because when I wasn't playing, they chanted me in. (But) the NBA is a business and you see it all the time where a team, if they can do you wrong, they will. My whole concern was, what if I got hurt? What would happen? And (the Warriors) couldn't answer that for me.

    • Gilbert: It's up to Coach. Most likely I'll start.

    • Gilbert: Well, you didn't make it. There were people here before you. We're just passing through like everybody else. You might as well have fun with everyone you can - media, fans - and they'll love you back.

    • Gilbert: We have this job, most players, four years. If you're lucky, you can squeeze out a 10-year career. After that, you have the rest of your life to do whatever you want. I'd rather devote my time when I have it, and after I'm done with this, there are other things in life and I can forget about basketball. Once I'm done, I don't want to sit around here and linger around and coach or try to get into the media stuff. When I'm done with the NBA, I just want to be done with it.

    • Gilbert: I'm a taper. I'll usually watch how I can beat my defender, what my defender is lacking and what is he scared of.

    • Gilbert: I'm a taper. I'll usually watch how I can beat my defender, what my defender is lacking and what is he scared of.

    • Gilbert: I'm still learning. A leader is that person who knows everything, who's been experienced. I don't know if I'm that experienced to teach anybody yet. I'm still taking lessons from somebody like Chucky, somebody like Antonio, because they've been in the league more than me.

    • Gilbert: I just don't like the name 'captain.' Ever since I was little. I guess I'm a doer. I just do me. I don't like to tell anybody else what to do.

    • Gilbert: Michael Ruffin was probably our only tough, tough guy. Caron gives us a physical presence on both ends. Now with him and Michael Ruffin , we've got bullies of our own.

    • Gilbert: It's good for us to seen Brendan working so hard. Most big men, they stop working at a certain point. This is his fifth year and he's gotten better each year. He was in the gym the whole summer working on his body, trying not to get out of shape; so he should have a good year.

    • Gilbert: It's about growing up and that's one of the areas where I have to grow up in. I worked hard this summer on all of my abilities and that's one of them. I'm going to take defense very serious this year and if I start slacking off, I have teammates who will keep me into it.

    • Gilbert: I changed my shoes, my shorts, my shirt, my tights, everything. That first uniform was bad luck for me.

    • Gilbert: Coach said, 'Throw away the plays. 'Throw away the plays?' All right. That's like playing outside.

    • Gilbert: I'm going to have more opportunities to make them and be on the other side of this. It was there, just a little off. It wasn't our day.

    • Gilbert: I thought it was going in. It was there, just a little off. It just wasn't our day. We fought all 48 minutes of this basketball game and we deserved this win.

    • Gilbert: It went in and it came out. You are going to miss more than you make in your career. I missed that one but I am going to have more opportunities. Then there will be some happiness. I really thought it was going in. That's a shot I feel comfortable taking.

    • Gilbert: We're confident. Our goal was to get one of these two (games in Cleveland). We got one and they come to us.

    • Gilbert: We're confident. Our goal was to get one of these two (games at The Q). We got one, and they come to (our place). We've got to (defend) our home court. It's going to be a good series.

    • Gilbert: It is war. That's what the playoffs is. It's war, and we just wanted to give them hell, and that's what we did.

    • Gilbert: As well as they played in Game 1, we thought we destroyed ourselves. We didn't play our kind of basketball. We didn't do anything we preached. We decided to come out here (last night) and play our brand of basketball.

    • Gilbert: We destroyed ourselves in Game 1. So we decided to come out and play better basketball.

    • Gilbert: Actually, that wasn't the plan going in. Brendan just decided he was going to give a hard foul to let him know he was there. For some reason, that just threw him off a little bit.

    • Gilbert: We know we played like some trash out there. And now we know we need to play a lot better than we did. We need to put the pressure on them. I think we just set back and waited for them to attack us. We have to be the first ones to be aggressive.

    • Gilbert: It was just one of those night where we used a lot of energy trying to get to this spot. You know, it is just one game, one game out of a seven-game series. We lost the first one. We'll be ready for the next.

    • Gilbert: We said we were going to keep him off his right hand and he went right all night. That's why he had a triple-double against us in his debut. If he's going to have a triple-double, they are going to win the game. We have to limit what he does to win this series.

    • Gilbert: I'm not as nervous as I was. The first time you do anything, you get butterflies. Your body feels, I don't know, kind of strange.

    • Gilbert: It didn't seem possible, but they've found a way to improve. They have so much more freedom with the ball, and they still make it tough on teams with their defense.

    • Gilbert: Are the referees going to treat him like Michael Jordan in his first playoff or like Michael Jordan after six championships? We don't know.

    • Gilbert: This is where you make your name. People follow what you did during the regular season, but what you do in the playoffs, it's all magnified. The TV cameras are on you. The critics are watching, so this is where you step up your game.

    • Gilbert: To fill up the gym. It's playoff time. I've got to get ready. I've just got to be around it, be around the gym and get that in me.

    • Gilbert: It's good because he is a defensive player and he really thinks he can stop me. We started talking trash when they played here last game, so I know that's going to continue when we get out there.

    • Gilbert: I don't want to say that he has regrets. I don't want to put that out there but I'll just say that he misses here.

    • Gilbert: We're going into the playoffs with an edge because we really had to be sharp the last 10 games. It's a whole new season, but hopefully that'll help us.

    • Gilbert: Our focus is just like tonight. We know they are going to be resting their guys, but we can't lay down for that because we need that win. This is our destiny and we have it in our hands. So If we want to get the fifth spot, we have to go out there and play like it.

    • Gilbert: I just have a different way of approaching things. I'm a little offbeat.

    • Gilbert: I went through that play a couple of times in my head, what I should've done. You always do that. But it's going to be another game, and hopefully it doesn't go down to the wire.

    • Gilbert: Everyone is trying to dodge certain teams. No one wants to play a Detroit or a Miami in the first round because they want to get to the second round.

    • Gilbert: We've been missing that kind of toughness from our lineup. When you are missing one of your enforcers, his sweet jumper and his tough defense, it hurts us. Everybody is glad to have him back.

    • Gilbert: It hurts. No one wants to lose a game where you fought so hard, especially with a charging call at the end.

    • Gilbert: We absolutely miss him. He is crucial to what we do. When you get used to having someone like that and then all of a sudden you don't have him, it means you have to adjust. We're having trouble adjusting.

    • Gilbert: We can't look at it like we are however many games ahead, we've been down that path before. We hold our own destiny from here on out.

    • Gilbert: It's just like last year. We've been down this road before with our backs against the wall, and we've fought through it. We're in a predicament where we've actually got to fight now. We can't look at it like we're three games ahead. Now we've actually got to play basketball.

    • Gilbert: It's hard to beat a guy who's 9-for-9 from the 3-point line. He willed his team to victory.

    • Gilbert: It's in a lot of pain. It's throbbing right now. I can't bend over. But you go through the season, you're going to get injured. You're going to play with pain. I've played with pain before.

    • Gilbert: We're getting banged up at the worst time.

    • Gilbert: We are not playing tomorrow so I'll have a chance to rest it and hopefully I can get back to about 80 percent before we play Philadelphia. Until we seal up that five spot (in the Eastern Conference), there will be no rest. I just have to keep going full-throttle until we get that five seed. We're getting banged up at the worst time and it's going to be a battle the rest of the way, but we have enough talent on this team to keep winning.

    • Gilbert: Anderson ended up beating us. He found his rhythm tonight.

    • Gilbert: It's hurting. Maybe we can get it to 80 percent before the next game.

    • Gilbert: It's that time of the season when you need every game. You have to go out there and bang it out.

    • Gilbert: Winning time is when the game is that much more important. You don't just want to win. You have to do whatever it takes to win.

    • Gilbert: When the game's important you don't want to lose. You have to win so you do whatever it takes to win.

    • Gilbert: That pain from the Celtics is still in my blood. When they said they'd pick me with the 10th or 11th pick, they got my hopes all high. I usually hold a grudge for that.

    • Gilbert: We made it easy for everybody tonight.

    • Gilbert: What we wanted to do was get that losing streak snapped. We've got a mission: we're trying to make the big dance. It's going to be hard because (it seems) we're one game away from everything — out of it, in it. We just have to watch our Ps and Qs and keep playing.

    • Gilbert: I thought coach was going to put me back in but he just didn't. Once I looked at the stat sheet in the fourth quarter, but we were up 25. Maybe if it was a close game and we were fighting for the game. But when you're up 25, he's not going to jeopardize a player.

    • Gilbert: What happens when you try to shoot and the ball goes up in the air? It's a foul. But we still got the ball to a great shooter. I thought it was going in. We all thought it was going in.

    • Gilbert: It was a loophole, and I slipped through it, didn't I? (The new provision) sucks. We get screwed in the draft and go in the second round, and if we develop our game within the first two years, why do we get penalized? We're getting penalized twice for getting drafted in the second round.

    • Gilbert: Teams like that you have to be careful of because they've got nothing to play for.

    • Gilbert: We played stupid all night long.

    • Gilbert: It's a big game. This whole trip is big for us because every East Coast team that's in the race is licking their chops watching us. We need to go out and play hard. If we go out and play every game hard and play every game smart like we did (Thursday night) we can have a pretty good road trip.

    • Gilbert: We're stunned, too. We did a great job for a team that doesn't give up. We knew it was going to be a hard-fought game. We just tried to keep the pressure on. We were just hot tonight.

    • Gilbert: It's a great feeling to start off with your first win. I don't think, since I've been here, we've done that on the West Coast trip. It's a great feeling because you go into the second game with a lot of positive energy.

    • Gilbert: If you want to go to the NBA and you're a guard, go to Lute Olson.

    • Gilbert: Lute Olson teaches the NBA system. If you look at his players, they may not be dominant in college but they're going to make a bigger impact in the NBA just because of the way they play up and down. Players learn and develop and make mistakes and learn for themselves.

    • Gilbert: Lute Olson teaches the NBA system. If you look at his players, they may not be dominant in college but they're going to make a bigger impact in the NBA just because of the way they play up and down. Players learn and develop and make mistakes and learn for themselves.

    • Gilbert: This road trip is more important than anything. We have to come out strong. If we can come out strong, we will finish strong.

    • Gilbert: We're not in yet. We are still fighting to get in, every night.

    • Gilbert: We were right there, but then I played (poorly). So we've got some payback to do.

    • Gilbert: Eddie does a good job of not pounding us in practice and giving us days off where we can recover.

    • Gilbert: I used to be one bounce and shoot. My percentage has actually gone up. I used to be in the 70s and now I'm in the 80s.

    • Gilbert: It's a great feeling to start off a road trip like that.

    • Gilbert: When you look around the league, you don't see them getting blown out. They just play hard. They hang right there and they lose in the end because they don't have the talent that everyone else does.

    • Gilbert: We just need to win one in order to get the monkey off our back against them. They just have our number right now. But we're gonna keep fighting them.

    • Gilbert: He saved it just for us. It's like an unspoken rivalry we're having right now. And they're getting the best of us.

    • Gilbert: There's always that one team that dominates another team. For us to beat them, we have to play a perfect game.

    • Gilbert: We didn't want to drop three in a row before we have to face a tough Charlotte team. They always play us tough. It's going to be a great back-to-back series against them.

    • Gilbert: We know that. That's why we have to soak up all these home games while we can and then we just have to have a dog fight out on the road.

    • Gilbert: We played well tonight. We felt we had it in control at the end, and we just had to make some free throws. It was very important to get this win. With about 24 games left, we need every win we can get.

    • Gilbert: We're battling. It's going to be like this the rest of the way. It's going to be hard to tell whose 4,5,6, or 7 -- you just have to keep going.

    • Gilbert: They ran one play all night and we never adjust to it - pick and roll, AI to Webber.

    • Gilbert: We've been losing it in the second half and the fourth quarter lately. We just need to find a way to patch things up.

    • Gilbert: Philadelphia has a special player in Allen Iverson. We have to stop him and put our focus on him while trying to contain everyone else.

    • Gilbert: We're just shooting ourselves in the foot right now and we have to correct it. It's about time we start sewing up all our bad habits in the last 26 games.

    • Gilbert: They are not going to need me to score. They are going to need me to push the ball, use my speed and get after it. They have so many players who can score.

    • Gilbert: We played well tonight. We just didn't pull it off. But we're not really concerned about what we're doing on the road right now.

    • Gilbert: It was a hard game and they were great. You can't take that away from them.

    • Gilbert: It was one of those nights. I knew an Eastern Conference coach was coming in here, so my mind was set already.

    • Gilbert: (Eastern Conference coaches) know how I feel about them right now. I told them after the All-Star break, 'Eastern Conference, I'm coming for you.' I just hope y'all have a good game plan I'm an Eastern Conference assassin right now. It's a tour, from city to city.

    • Gilbert: Coach Jordan isn't going to risk a player getting hurt chasing a record.

    • Gilbert: I told everybody at the All-Star break: Eastern Conference, I'm coming for you. I'm the Eastern Conference assassin right now; it's a tour from city to city.

    • Gilbert: In the first half, we forgot our game plan and (James) was just getting down the lane. In the second half, we tried to cut the lane off, and I don't think we gave him a field goal.

    • Gilbert: Four, five, six, seven seed, who knows who's going to play each other? It doesn't matter who we play, we're not worried about that right now. We're just trying to come together as a group. Last year we didn't have home-court advantage, and we pulled out a win.

    • Gilbert: I had one of those in Orlando when I missed eight straight. It's harder at home.

    • Gilbert: We tried to pressure the ball, take him a little out of his game, and see if things might happen. It's a real good win for us.

    • Gilbert: We took daggers early, but we knew if we stayed with it, we would come back. We just kept going at them, kept fighting, and believed in each other.

    • Gilbert: If they terminate me, I won't have a problem with that. I'll pay them the money they owe me and the money they just gave me. Just let me out clean, don't hold anything against me and let's pretend like we didn't even know each other.

    • Gilbert: It's not about the money. I want to be in their advertising, have a commercial, be in a print campaign. I'll even pay for the commercial to be made.

    • Gilbert: When I first signed my deal, they said if I made the All-Star Game in the first three years, we could rip up this contract and sign a new one. Well, I made it last year and they blew me off, and nothing has happened this year either. All I want is to get my face out there. If I'm the last person on the totem pole, just tell me I'm not in your future -- don't keep my hopes and dreams up.

    • Gilbert: If the Heat loses three and somebody wins three, they're right in second. But for right now (Detroit and Miami are) 1-2 and everybody is just chasing.

    • Gilbert: Because I've got to get us going. We need to make a real push right now. We can't depend on others losing and we can't have a slump.

    • Gilbert: They got a more experienced team than they did last year. He's in his third year now, the players he's got around him is in their third, the young ones. So they got older pieces now that won't let that happen.

    • Gilbert: I didn't have the best workout when I was there, but I really thought they were going to pick me.

    • Gilbert: I know what he would say. He'd say protect yourself. ... Things have changed. Things are a lot more physical now then they ever were before.

    • Gilbert: I won't be picked by the fans because I'm not getting exposed like those guys. So I need to actually do work. Every year I'm going to have to come in and do my work. I'm not ever going to be one of those players who get voted onto the All-Star team after missing most of the season.

    • Gilbert: We had to come out and get back on track. We knew they were going to be tough, no matter who they had. We had to come out and play it all the way to the end.

    • Gilbert: We have to take advantage of the opportunity we have here. We're going to be at home for a while. This is where we can make our climb in that Eastern Conference.

    • Gilbert: Ricky got me with a reach in.

    • Gilbert: For the last three or four games, that's what we've been doing. The scorers are going to get their touches, but just making that extra pass makes it easier for us.

    • Gilbert: I watched the replay five times and it wasn't a foul. It was a foul on him. I didn't even get the charge. He was falling before I even got there. When a rookie ref gets put in that situation -- somebody who weighs 215 going against somebody who weighs 165 -- it's an obvious call to make.

    • Gilbert: Everyone wants to play against the world champs and see where they stand as a team. We get a glimpse of them early to see where we stand as a basketball club. We're not at that level yet but we're trying to get there.

    • Gilbert: That's the coach's decision. I'm not the coach. I'm not the GM. . . . If that's his excuse for missing practices - to blame me - then I'm strong enough to take the responsibility.

    • Gilbert: Everyone wants to play against the world champs and see where they stand as a team, ... We get a glimpse of them early to see where we stand as a basketball club. We're not at that level yet but we're trying to get there.

    • Gilbert: Chucky hit those four 3s in a row to get us back in the game, ... We would never have been in the game if Chucky didn't step up.

    • Gilbert: We were a great rebounding team last year so teams are really making it a point to attack the boards on us, ... As guards, we're going to have to do a better job of boxing our man out and then getting back there and helping out. That's how we can get out running and get into our offense.

    • Gilbert: Those players, they have a different way of playing. If they're looking at you and you're not with them, they think you're a failure. So I told Kwame he has to go in and use that energy toward the basketball floor to get in good with those guys.

    • Gilbert: I told him last night, it is hard for people not to read this and look at you like the bad guy because your first year happened, second year, third year and now this year — neither of those times you blamed yourself, ... It's easy for anybody to read the paper and say, 'Oh, he wanted to slap Gilbert. Who does this guy think he is?'

    • Gilbert: They're going to make me play D this year.

    • Gilbert: I was the one who was helping him out. But I guess he heard from somebody that I told Coach not to play him in Game 3. It wasn't like that.

    • Gilbert: He called me and said everything was misconstrued, and I accepted it.

    • Gilbert: I get buckets...I get buckets. He knows that.

    • Gilbert: You think you're funny until you meet somebody like Tom Tolbert.

    • Gilbert: You see the pictures. But you didn't get to know who they were.

    • Gilbert: The people affected by Hurricane Katrina really need to be taken care of, ... It's rough. Everyone wants to help, but it's not going to be easy. We've got to realize that these people lost everything they had. For some people they didn't have food or water for days. I'm just trying to do my part and help out as much as I can. While everyone's watching on TV, they need to be helping at the same time.

    • Gilbert: Richard's just upset with me because I made the (NBA) All-Star Game, and he got a brown (bronze) medal in the Olympics.

    • Gilbert: While everyone's watching on TV, they need to be helping at the same time.

    • Gilbert: (refering to when he helped New Orleans residents after the Hurricane Katrina aftermath) I'm just trying to do my part and help out as much as I can. While everyone's watching on TV, they need to be helping at the same time.

    • Gilbert: I know that everyone has been watching and they feel bad for all these people so I was hoping that by seeing a face, someone they recognize, doing something to help, it will encourage everyone to come up with ideas for how they can help, ... We all can do something. If you're sitting on the couch watching TV, you can do something. Even if it's just donating a few dollars or some clothes, you can make a difference. These people lost everything they had in the world. They need our help.

    • Gilbert: Some of them seem happy and some are still kind of in a state of shock over everything they've been through, ... I think they are just happy to be on solid ground. Get a meal. Take a shower. Just catch their breath after what they've been through the past few days. I just wanted to be here to say: 'Welcome to D.C. We're here to help you however we can'.

    • Gilbert: Me and Antawn cannot go 7 for 40 or whatever it was and not expect an 'L.'

    • Gilbert: We've got to realize that these people lost everything they had. For some people they didn't have food or water for days. I'm just trying to do my part and help out as much as I can.

    • Gilbert: I didn't have any idea (the success would happen).

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