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  • Gilbert takes over my hometown, Watseka Illinois

    GG is the best comic period. He is so funny. Gilbert is playing the watseka theatre on feb 23, 2013. My whole crew have tickets to the event. Cant wait.
  • Never acheived all he was capable of.

    In my opinion, Gilbert Gottfried never acheived all he was capable of. He was a funny man in everything he did, but he shone in his stand-up acts. They are to be honest, hysterical, if racy at times. I believe that Gil is every bit as good as any so called "A-List" comedians I've ever seen. In my opinion, he never could be called anything but a truly funny man. If he ever had an un-funny thought in his head he quickly suppressed it. The first time I saw him, i split my sides. I think that becoming an animated comic was a big mistake for him. Doing childrens shows for him was in my opinion like making Ozzy Osbourne do disco. It completely takes him out of his element. For anyone interested, look up one of his stand up acts. Again, not for younger viewers(especially the aristocrats joke).
  • Amazing wit and quickness

    If you've ever listened to Gilbert as a guest on radio shows, you've probably heard his brilliantly quick wit. This man is an amazing thinker. Similar to way martial artists look for openings where they can administer a deadly punch, Gilbert seems to effortlessly find openings for punchlines and bowls people over with his deadly gut-busting comedic fist. But if you listen very carefully just before the punch, you can hear the busy cranking of the gears in his mind. It's beautiful and sexy.
  • Voices Digit and Widgit on Cyberchase.

    Meet the man who voices Cyberchases most funniest characters, Digit and Widgit. Digit is a klutz but a lovable klutz. He has created a mini version of himself and called him Widgit. Widget is Digits righ hand man and can help them in most situations. These two caracters rock and are funny.

    I LOVED Gilbert Gottfried as Iago in all the Aladdin stuff, which motivated me to land that role in Drama Camp's production of Aladdin. He creeped me out when he appeared on an episode of Are You Afraid of the Dark?, but that means he's doing a good job. He's very funny and I like him on Hollywood Squares as well as other cartoons he guest stars in.
  • Does anyone think this guy is funny?

    Gilbert Gottfried is one of the most irritating and unfunny personalities in show business. I don't know anyone who thinks the guy is funny. Why has he lasted so long? This would be a great episode for Unsolved Mysteries if that show was still on the air. They could investigate the strange career of Gilbert Gottfried.