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  • Never acheived all he was capable of.

    In my opinion, Gilbert Gottfried never acheived all he was capable of. He was a funny man in everything he did, but he shone in his stand-up acts. They are to be honest, hysterical, if racy at times. I believe that Gil is every bit as good as any so called "A-List" comedians I've ever seen. In my opinion, he never could be called anything but a truly funny man. If he ever had an un-funny thought in his head he quickly suppressed it. The first time I saw him, i split my sides. I think that becoming an animated comic was a big mistake for him. Doing childrens shows for him was in my opinion like making Ozzy Osbourne do disco. It completely takes him out of his element. For anyone interested, look up one of his stand up acts. Again, not for younger viewers(especially the aristocrats joke).