Gilby Clarke

Gilby Clarke


8/17/1962, Cleveland, Ohio, US

Birth Name

Gilbert John Clarke


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Gilby Clark is an American hard-rock guitarist who replaced Izzy Stradlin in the band Guns n Roses, and was later replaced by Paul Tobias. He is currently a member of Tommy Lee's band Supernova.


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    • Gilby: I think people are surprised by my songwriting. Nobody wants to just hear a guitar player jerk off. It still has to be a song. I think that is why a lot of people don't enjoy solo works. They listen to it once and then never again. A lot of time it ends up just people wanking. I only make a record when I feel like I have 12 good songs. I don't go, "It's 2002 so I better make a record." I am more like, "Hey, I have written 12 good songs so lets make a record!" That is how I do it.

    • Gilby: I was trying to do a Latin type song without being blatant and putting in maracas. I think that the drum track on that song is really special. The drummer on it is David Raven who is one of the biggest session drummers in LA. He plays in one of the blues bands that I sit in with all the time.

    • Gilby: To tell you the truth, I think it is the songwriting that they are most surprised about. Anyone who really knows me and follows what I have done knows that I keep going back and forth between playing guitar and singing. I prefer playing guitar but just out of lack of finding a singer that I really click with I end up singing. A lot of people go, 'I knew you played guitar in Guns & Roses -- I didn't know you could write a song!'

    • Gilby: (On the remake of "Diamond Dogs") That is a great Bowie tune. We have been playing "Diamond Dogs" since I made my first record in '94 but we have never got around to cutting it. When we got to the studio we cut it for fun. It was not my choice to put it on the record. My friends were telling me that it came out really good and that I should put it on so that is why I decided to put it on.

    • Gilby: I hate to say it but I am pretty simple and I am pretty much about the same stuff. It's everyday in my life -- what I think about or what I watch on TV. I am usually pretty current. I am just trying to figure out new ways and more colorful ways to say things. That is what "Alien" is about. It is a more comfortable way to talk about the same old shit!

    • Gilby: By accident! I was making another album with another band that was very rootsy, kind of an old Stones type record. That kind of sucked up all of my rootsy material where this one got all my rock stuff.

    • Gilby: (On his fourth album) Realistically, this is the fourth album that I have made on my own. They are not much different from each other. My goal is to make an album that I would want to buy. I just keep writing and writing and when I get 12 songs then we start cutting. To me, what is different about this record is that it is much more rock. The other albums were more versatile as they had some roots, some blues and some pop. This is pretty much a rock record.

    • Gilby: If Axl was the nicest, quietest guy in the world, he'd never sell any records.

    • Gilby: (to Ryan) Nothing's better than watching an inspired artist perform.

    • Gilby: Zayra, after seeing that (video clip) do you think it's important to be familiar with our music?
      Zayra: (contradicting her previous comment) I never said I wasn't familiar with your music.

    • Gilby: We didn't originally have a woman in mind, but after watching the auditions and seeing how original they are, it really blew us away.

      - On being tempted to get a hot chick to front the band on Rock star Supernova.

    • Gilby: Someone who has personality and great creative ideas, who can be our mouthpiece and show us something we haven't seen before.

      - On what they are looking for in a person on Rock star Supernova.

  • OMG, one of the hottest alive!

    Gilby Clarke is sooo mucho hott! He's totally amazing on the guitar and everything else! And i don't mind him being kinda aged and married with a kid..i still love and admire him! I'm not a "Rock Star" addict/fanatic, but i've seen the guy on YouTube videos..and that's when i 'fell' for it. Lol. He's the BEST!
  • Gilby plays guitar

    Gilby is a guitar player who is best known for a three year stint as lead guitarist for the popular group Guns n Roses. He did not work any any of the Guns n Roses successful studio albums, a point which is avoided in the show Rock Star. As a judge on the show, Rock Star, Gilby seems to be the most level headed of the three. He is also from Cleveland, which is the home of the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame.moreless