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  • Gilda Radner was a cast member on Saturday Night Live for it's first 5 years.

    Gilda was amazing. I'm only 15, so I never got to see her on SNL, but I've absorbed anything on SNL from the first 5 years, especially sketches with Gilda. I LOVE The Nerds, Emily Litella (my personal favorite is her Endangered Feces rant), and Judy Miller (Did you know she had a broken rib when she did that sketch-- she broke it in dress rehearsal running into the door repeatedly, but she still did the sketch). One of my all-time fave Gilda moments is her in the recording studio as Candy Slice, but I still loved her as Roseanne Roseannadanna ("It just goes to show ya, it's always something). Face it, Gilda was one of the reasons SNL survived those first five years. And although I was not alive for her death, may she rest in peace. She is missed.
  • Life ended all too soon!

    I wonder what Gilder Radner would say with today's female comics if she were alive today. She was one of the all time great female comics and one of the first as she was really funny. Too bad that she didn't really let the fame outside of SNF grow but still, she has and always will be a legend IMHO!