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    • Gina: (about how she intentionally acts badly) Yeah, it's difficult, especially when you're doing it in front of an Academy Award winner. You have to just leave your ego at the door. You think "Ok, I have to act badly in this scene in front of my contemporaries and a huge crew!" I think you just leave your ego at the door and you get on with it. I'm a bit more worried about one episode where she finally has to act well and everyone's so astonished because they expect her to be terrible, but actually she's really quite good. I'm more worried about that, what if I didn't act well in the scene where I'm supposed to act well?

    • Gina: (about if the character of Sophie Devereaux on Leverage follows the pattern she has had of the quirky, offbeat, non-mainstream characters) Yeah, I mean I think the most interesting characters are the sort of outsiders and the people that surprise you. My character in Jekyll was supposed to be this generic wife character in the beginning and then she was the surprise element. But in terms of playing quirky, I don't think you can ever play quirky. I think that's a mistake. If you start playing kooky then you're kind of cheating the audience, I feel. So, I don't think I'd put Sophie in those terms. I think she's funny in her behavior, but she's incredibly serious about what she does. She's very professional about grifting and stealing and she's ambitious and wants to be the best in the world at it. Then she has this massive payoff and needs to find a different thrill and a different sense of excitement. When Timothy's character recruits the team she's curious about what that would feel like, to help people and feel less mercenary.

    • Gina: (about if she is a "coffee and cats" type or a "tea and dogs" type) Coffee and goldfish. We had three, but Ant and Dec died so Cat's the only one left.

    • Gina: (about what she's looking for in life) I like to be active but sometimes I need to be bullied into it. That's why Mariella's so great; she's a good corporal to go travelling with. I hate routine and that's why I've had gear changes all through my career, going from film to stage and back. It's not that I'm dissatisfied, it's just that I'm insatiable!

    • Gina: (about how she has grown as an actor since working with Dennis Potter) I don't think I was ever that comfortable in an ingenue skin: I've felt much more powerful as an actress since I turned 30. Although you can rage on about there being fewer parts, they are much more interesting. As a director, I don't think Potter influenced me: he was very inexperienced. But as an intellectual and as a philosopher he influenced me greatly. I think what I went through working with Potter is common to all actresses finding their feet. But I loved working with Terry Johnson. And now doing Coupling is brilliant because Steven Moffat only writes two-thirds of the series and we fill the rest out collaboratively. As a cast, we bounce off each other and he uses our input.

    • Gina: (about what she's looking for in a man) Availability! No, in terms of both friends and lovers, I always like motivated, assertive people.

    • Gina: (about what her best time of the day is) I must have some Mediterranean blood in me because I love a siesta. I get very dozy and romantic around 4pm.

    • Gina: Before a play opens, I have a recurring anxiety dream. I'm on stage but I can't remember my lines. I grab my script but as I'm looking for my place it grows and grows and becomes broadsheet-size, then too big to hold. I guess it's about the fear of drying.

    • Gina: (about being independent from an early age) Yes. When I was 17 and filming I had to choose a chaperone, who was meant to be over 21. So when they gave me a bunch of people to interview I asked one how old she was. And when she said "21 tomorrow" I thought, "right, you'll do". When we got to the airport I said "Have a good time, see you in six weeks" and she went off, and I got to be on set alone. I left home young, too: I moved to America at 18.

    • Gina: (about her thinking if fame came to her too early) I found out young that it meant nothing; that it wasn't really enjoyable, or satisfying. So I was allowed to put fame to one side and find something else which was more challenging. That was a liberating direction.

    • Gina: (about if she ever thought that she was bisexual) No, I've been less than adventurous in that department. But very early on in my friendship with Mariella, I saw her at a party at the Ritz, and remembered I'd dreamt that I'd kissed her. There was definitely a frisson, but it just gave us the giggles, really. I did have a schoolgirl crush on Francesca Annis as Lily Langtry. But then I moved on to some boy in a band. My favourite actresses are Ingrid Bergman and Ava Gardner.

    • Gina: (about what she would do if she were a politician) I would legislate that all cars manufactured would have to run on LPG gas. I drive one and I don't see why they shouldn't legislate for all cars to have dual tanks.

    • Gina: (about what the best age to be is) The age that you are. Every age has its good points and we should live in the moment.

    • Gina: (about what she would do if she wasn't an actress) Writer. That's what attracted me to theatre in the first place. One thing I definitely wouldn't have been is a tennis player. All my school reports said I was really bad at it.

    • Gina: (about what she would do in a moment of weakness) Eat. I could eat a whole tub of chocolate cornflakes. They remind me of nursery school when we made chocolate cornflake cakes. They're my comfort food.

    • Gina: (about what a common misperception of her is) I'm really tall. Actually, I'm quite petite. Also, with actors, people expect you to be extrovert and a brilliant anecdotalist. But I think I'm quite shy and I have got a terrible memory.

    • Gina: (about the most surprising thing that happened to her) Serendipity. No matter where you are you will always stumble across someone you know from your youth. I was on a deserted beach in Tobago and I suddenly recognised this guy I hadn't seen since we belonged to a drama group together when I was a teenager. The more you focus on broadening your horizons the narrower they become.

    • Gina: (about what people should take more notice of) The things around them. I'm one of those people who walk around looking up at buildings and architecture, although it means I'm always getting into trouble walking into things.

    • Gina: (about a phrase she uses too often) I'll get back to you. I'm a real procrastinator and I'm not very good at being put on the spot.

    • Gina: I carried on acting during school holidays and was all set to go to drama school when I was offered my first professional job appearing in King David with Richard Gere.

    • Gina: I started elocution lessons because I was being teased, and I had a brilliant drama teacher. At the age of 14 I appeared at the National Theatre in The Crucible.

    • Gina: I'm not really that keen on mainstream, I'm not interested in doing the normal films. I do tend to go for the quirky, different scripts.

    • Gina: I don't understand happy people. How can you just be satisfied?