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    • Gina: (about if the character of Sophie Devereaux on Leverage follows the pattern she has had of the quirky, offbeat, non-mainstream characters) Yeah, I mean I think the most interesting characters are the sort of outsiders and the people that surprise you. My character in Jekyll was supposed to be this generic wife character in the beginning and then she was the surprise element. But in terms of playing quirky, I don't think you can ever play quirky. I think that's a mistake. If you start playing kooky then you're kind of cheating the audience, I feel. So, I don't think I'd put Sophie in those terms. I think she's funny in her behavior, but she's incredibly serious about what she does. She's very professional about grifting and stealing and she's ambitious and wants to be the best in the world at it. Then she has this massive payoff and needs to find a different thrill and a different sense of excitement. When Timothy's character recruits the team she's curious about what that would feel like, to help people and feel less mercenary.