Gina Carano





4/16/1982 , Dallas County, Texas, USA

Birth Name

Gina Joy Carano




Gina is the middle child of Dallas Cowboy quarterback Glenn Carano. She was born in Texas the year before her father transferred from the Cowboys. She grew up in Las Vegas, Nevada and graduated from Trinity Christian High School.

Gina's father helped bring UFC to the Las Vegas area but it wasn't until after her father left the Nevada State Athletic Commission that Gina herself got into the sport. Gina went the gym where her boyfriend was working out when the trainer, Master Toddy, noticed Gina and began training her. She studied under Master Toddy in the art of Muay Thai. When Gina's Muay Thai record was 12-1-1 she was invited to first ever sanctioned female Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) bout in Nevada. She won that bout and has been undefeated as of the year ending 2007.

Gina now appears as "Crush" on NBC's American Gladiators.

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