Gina Gershon

Gina Gershon


6/10/1962, San Fernando Valley, California, USA

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Gina Gerson was born on June 10, 1962 in Los Angeles, California. She started acting in a production of Bye Bye Birdie in 1963 at the age of seven. She went to high school with schoolmate Lenny Kravitz and in 2001 played his girlfriend for the video "Again".…more


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  • When you have a combination of catlike eyes with the sassy attitude, and the most daring complexion, there's one person you know to describe, Gina Gershon.

    With those deep, dramatic eyes, that sensuous smile, those gritty teeth, the sassy style, and the whip of a tongue, you know that Gina Gershon is the answer to this equation of features. Gina Gershon has come to be one of the most underrated favorites of the hollywood scene, and why not? She obviously enjoys what she is doing, and that makes us love her performing much more. I have seen a few things she has done with television, and I must say that I regret missing the "Snoops" show, as it was surely a fun sight for fans of the Gershon persuasion. Known to many for her role as Crystal Conners in the high campfest "Showgirls". The truth about that role, was that Gershon made that character fun and memorable. Gershon makes all things she does fun and memorable. Her many roles in "Face/Off", "Palmetto", "Melrose Pl." and all others are great. She creates mannerisms and styles as she rebuilds herslef with the characters she portrays. It's a real shame that more people don't give her the credit she deserves. She is way better than any of the 'desperate housewives'. How 'bout a little recognition for the Gershon Goddess!moreless
  • A Fantastic Actress ! Cute, Sexy And Talented !

    Gina Gershon is a FANTASTIC Woman Of Our Day And Age. She Is Perhaps One Of The Greatest Actresses Out There ! With Movies Like Bound And Showgirls Who Wouldn't Be ? I've Liked Her For Many Years, And I'm Her BIGGEST And I Do Mean ~BIGGEST~ Fan ! I Own Nearly All Of Her Movies From Bound To Prey For Rock And Roll. She Should Be Bigger Than Miss Kidman and Julia Roberts, They Dont Have Half As Much Talent As Gina ! Go Gina ! I Love You Loads !!! Go See Her Movies Now!!!moreless