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  • Gina is a good singer.

    Gina Glocksen was placed 9th on American Idol Season 6. She is talented. She is a very good singer. She went home too early. I wanted her to be at least in the top 7. I was mad that night when she went home. I wanted Sanjaya to leave, but we learned he was safe. It was down to her and Haley. I really wanted Haley to leave, but she didn't. I was so mad. Gina also auditioned for AI in Season 5, but she only made it to Hollywood. Her performance on top 16 girls night was amazing. Go Gina!
  • GINA!!!

    Gina, U were my fav idol hopefull. I wanted u to win. I think that it was unfair, and a poor call from the American public to vote u off. I really hoped that u would win. I liked everything about u. Your style, (I luv the tongue ring, I have one to) And your voice. I really liked u. My fav prefomance was "Call me when your sober" That was by far the most intersting one of your preformances. Well, I hope Gina will have a good career, and we'll be hearing from her soon. GINA AMERICAN IDOL!!! Sadly, that will never happen. =(
  • Great performer

    Gina Glocksen was definitely a kick a§§ performer on American Idol. I enjoyed her and I was really rooting her to make it at least to the top 4 this season but as always people clearly don't know how to appreciate and vote for talent. I really loved her performance of Call Me When I'm Sober. Although yeah she may have come off to yelling out some of her lyrics she still had a great personality and she had fun when she was performing which I think is a key factor of attracting fans. It's all about loving what you do and having fun with it and she did just that. I think if she takes the time to strengthen her vocals more she can sort of be like the next Kelly Clarkson type but a little stronger. Overall a brilliant performer.
  • I love Gina

    When gina Glockson was voted off American Idol, well for me the road ended as well. She was my favorite American Idol. It is sad to see her getting the boot. She is the sexiest and best American Idol singer this season, I don't watch "American Idol," I keep hearing it on the news. When she got booted off, it was very sad indeed. Ginba was born and raised in Naperville Ill. I can recall I went though this town in 1998 on my way to Los angeles for Media Workshop on Amtrak But back to Gina, I hope to hear better things from her, because I'm in love with Gina.
  • She's a really great singer on American Idol!

    I think Gina Glocksen is one of the best singers on American Idol. Like the classic rocker. I think some of her best performances were her last 3, "Call me When You're Sober", "Love Child" and "Paint it Black". I like her fashion sense, her goth yet fun attitude. I think her voice is just amazing. I've heard she can also play piano, the flute, and is really good at drawing. I'm pretty sure she can improve if she trys to, because in season 5 she didn't make the cut(sadly) but this season she did. So overall, she's a really great singer on American Idol, and she has great and many qualities. Yep.