Gina Holden

Gina Holden


3/17/1975, Smithers, British Columbia, Canada

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Gina Holden


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Gina Holden is a Canadian actress who was born in the small town of Smithers, British Columbia. While growing up, Gina and her family moved around frequently. And in every place they settled in, she joined community groups, school plays, and talent shows. Her first love was dance,…more


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    • Gina: (on how her modeling career helped in her acting career) Having all that responsibility was great for me. I embraced it. It wasn't a challenge. It was just natural. It really helped me when I started acting, because the hours that you work modeling are just crazy and it's just such a huge amount of energy.

    • Gina: (on the easiest part of working on "Aliens Vs. Predator 2") I think just being there and enjoying it and having fun, because as a fan of B movies, the easy part is for me to sit and enjoy every minute, and be there and be part of something so huge, that's the easiest part, just going to work in the morning and being there, it's so much fun.

    • Gina: (on how she would like people to see her work 50 years from now; September 2007 interview) I hope that people could just look back and say that's somebody that worked really hard and had a lot of fun and just had a nice steady career and a great work ethic.

    • Gina: (on the cancellation of her first series, "Reunion") It's always disappointing when something you love to do so much is canceled, but all that stuff is not in your control, so you just have to enjoy the process.

    • Gina: I think that's why I also love stunt work, because it's so similar to dance. Believe it or not, the choreography and how set it is as far as a final result – you've got to have everything together. It's very calculated.

    • Gina: (about having practical jokes on the set of "Flash Gordon") I don't think there's a specific one but we have so much fun every day, we're always joking, laughing, having fun so we always have everybody joking together and it's great!