Gina Philips

Gina Philips


5/10/1975, Miami Beach, Florida, USA

Birth Name

Gina Consolo



Also Known As

Gina Phillips, Gina Consolo
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Gina Philips is an American film and TV actress most known for her role as Jenna Miller in the TV drama Boston Public. She was born on May 10, 1975 as Gina Consolo in Miami Beach, Florida. Gina attended the University of Pennsylvania before dropping out to pursue…more


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    • Gina: When something is a little more of a psychological, toying with your mind, I find that more frightening, but especially when its something different.

    • Gina: It's important to me, that even when I'm playing a miserable role, I'm not, like, the most miserable human in the world.

    • Gina: I love when there's a strong female character. Anyone who knows my work, whether they like it or hate it or think they're terrible, one thing that's true is that I like to choose strong women.

    • Gina: I don't do nudity. Never done it, never will, have no interest in it myself. I pass no judgment on anyone that wants to do it. It's not for me.

    • Gina: I'm such a horror fan. My dad is a huge horror movie fanatic, and my mother and my brother are not. Therefore, from the age of 4 years old, I was stuck in front of the television with him, watching, like, every creepy movie possible. And I grew up on them. And I love them.

    • Gina: All good looking men should be seen.

    • Gina: To me, acting is like a breath of fresh air. I'm not saying it's easy, but for me it's wonderful.

    • Gina: (on dropping out of college) I got my education. I don't need a certificate validating that. If a class comes along that I am interested in taking and will fulfill my graduation requirements, I will take it. But my degrees were simply an aside to what I always wanted to do - act.

    • Gina: (on working with Justin Long in "Jeepers Creepers") We just had that whole older sister/younger brother chemistry right from the start so I knew it would be easy to establish that relationship.

    • Gina: The restaurant business is the only business more crazy and unpredictable than acting. Although I would love the idea of opening my own restaurant, if I don't I'll be okay.