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  • Mesmerizing, Exquisite, Brilliant!

    You cannot help falling in love with her. She makes you melt in every scene that she is in. Talented beyond belief, I cannot help but to think that she is exactly where she wants to be in her career, or personal life.

    She is friendly and loves her fans. There is no role that she could not do!
  • Beautiful, Strong and Smart

    There is absolutely no reason on this Earth why anyone would not love Gina Torres. She is one of the best ethnic actresses in the field and has shown her skill from the incredibly campy Cleopatra 2525 to the the adventurous Firefly to the dramatic Standoff. She is a powerhouse of talent and beauty that deserves much recognition for her works
  • great actress...

    Gina Torres is an amazing actress and I don't know why she doesn't have bigger roles. I've seen her in Firefly, 24, and Standoff and she did a great job in each of the shows. My favorite role she plays was Zoe off of Firefly. She played the strong, kick-butt lady well and I'm sad the show got cancelled after one season...oh well. She does well in Standoff also as the leader person of the FBI negotiation group. Anyways, she is a great actress and I want to see her in a leading role sometime. She's one of my favorite female actresses and she should have a bigger role.
  • Selective Breeding- the daughter of Raquel Welch and Jim Brown.

    Whaa Bammm. Explosive looks oohsing sexiness, style, beauty, braun, and brains. Unforgettable in the cult series Firefly as first mate Zoe Alleyne. Loyal vet of Captain Malcom Reynolds made a great show to enjoy. She is so beloved by the fans that no man is good enough for her. Well except myself of course. The best of what American women are about. Definitely a James Bond girl. I just see her playing the Bond's CIA conterpart. I would like to see her in westerns like Silverado to that would be good. She would make a good Apache too. This kitten needs action pictures a sleek panther longing to be in motion.
  • Way Cool

    Gina Torres is very tallented. I saw her in Firefly and was amazed at how she could play such a strong "warrior women", then be so touching and intimate with Wash (her husband). Then I saw her in 24, wow! I couldn't believe that it was the same person. In 24, she played a meek housewife too afraid of her own shadow, much different than a combat hardened vetran as in Firefly.

    What you should watch for in Firefly is how "honest" her relationship with Wash is. They don't act like a TV couple, but live a real married couple. They have both intimate times and fighting times.

    She is excellent.
  • Gina torres shine in every role she takes, i enjoy whatching her. Whether it be a drama,action drama, or a comedy, i would love to see her get her own show. i mean really that is a face i want to see on a nerwork line up. I love her.

    Wow, i seam to be using that word alot but really, Gina has a presence, from hercules, Xena, i have never seen some on who has it what ever it is that she has. As Ana Espinosa i mean yes, she had me on the edge of my seat every time i loved the accent. i loved every second of screen time she had.i have to say it agin i would really love to see her on the networks weekly line up. her presence will definately be felt. I love Gina Torres. Wow i mean really i cann\'t wait to see what she does next.
  • She IS a goddess

    I fell in love with her on Firefly and have made a point to try and see her in other roles. I saw her on Angel as Jasmine and some other shows where she was a one time or recurring but not starring character and I was still in love or at least lust. She is soo talented and soo beautiful that all I can say is her husband is a lucky man.