10/15/1975, Washington D.C., USA

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Elgin Baylor Lumpkin


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He began his music career in the late 1980s with an amateur hip-hop group called Finesse Five and then sung for a local band called Physical Wonder. He was discovered by a member of Jodeci, and in 1996 he made his debut as Ginuwine, a name chosen because he considers himself down-to-earth.more


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    • Ginuwine: (During an interview by Nooreen Kara on his success) I always felt like if I ever got a chance, I would be successful. I was pretty sure of that, because this was something I wanted to do all my life and I was with the right people at the right time.

    • Ginuwine:I think people know how I get down and that's why I always try to give so much of myself on each album.

    • Ginuwine: Somewhat. Even though I've enjoyed a long run and am celebrating ten years in the industry, it never hurts to come on like it's the first time someone has heard you.

    • Ginuwine: On the Senior, the theme was that I was in high school situation and now, I'm in college, which means that it's good to brush up on the fundamentals, which is what I did. I made sure I had plenty of dance songs because dance music is part of my roots. But I also made sure I didn't forget those ballads, because that's also something I love doing.So I'm just going back to the basics of who I am, but I'm doing it in a new way.

  • Talented, Ginuwine can do it all and I really feel that he is underrated and doesn't get the recognition a star like him needs. So go Ginuwine and everyone check Ginuwine out, you will be missing out on great CD's, Movies and everything Ginuwine does.moreless

    Ginuwine is the most underrated artist I have ever seen and this man is truly talented and he doesn't get the love he deserves. I am a big huge fan and I just want everyone to know how great Ginuwine is and how his work needs to be appreciated. So after reading this go out and get every Ginuwine CD in stores NOW.
  • I love me some ginuwine

    ginuwine has been one of my favorite male r&b singers since he came out with pony and 100% his second album I'm not about to go there just three words he killed it and he kept himself up throughout the year's and he married a beautiful woman and has some beautiful kids I have all of his Cd's I remember when I was growing up Looking at how sexy he was in his pics with aaliyah and others saying that I want to be beautiful like that when I get older Only if I knew then what came with the Territory all in all Ginuiwne will always be one of My Favorite r&b singersmoreless