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  • Very talented...i would only like to see him in roles different from stoned guys or dopes!

    The very first time i saw Giovanni Ribisi was from the series "Friends", where he played Lisa Kudrow-Phoebe's little brother. I really think Giovanni is a talented actor, but i got a single regret: he has always to play particular roles, such as stoned guys or total dopes. Maybe that's the reason why he has a rating imho lower than his true potential on, and with that i mean he at least deserves a 9.5 as average.
    I state that since i watched a couple of theatrical movies with Giovanni (The gift, The big white). While in the first one he plays his common character, in the second one, a noir starred by Robin Williams, he finally plays a "normal" character, an insurance surveyor, and you can actually see how good as an actor he is. I really hope they'll soon give him important roles, even drama ones since i'm sure he'll master them pretty well!