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Created from TV talent show Popstars: The Rivals in 2002, Girls Aloud have achieved huge success, with fifteen UK Top 10 hit singles (including three UK number ones) and four hit albums. Internationally their music has also been released throughout Europe and Australia. The Girls are: Nicola Roberts,…more


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  • Trivia

    • During the filming of the theme to St Trinians, the girls were given a trailer each; however, unused to such privileges, they all piled into Cheryl's.

    • On April 2, 2007, Girls Aloud signed a one-year, £4 million deal to promote Sunsilk hair products. The deal included the Girls appearing in various billboard and magazine advertising campaigns, with Sunsilk sponsoring The Sound of Girls Aloud: The Greatest Hits Tour.

    • The girls fourth album The Sound of Girls Aloud: The Greatest Hits became their first album to hit number 1 in the UK. The album featured all their hits including Something Kinda Ooooh & a cover of the Tiffany classic, I Think We're Alone Now which became the girls 14th top 10 hit making them the girl band with the most consecutive top 10 hits in UK chart history.

      They broke their record again, by acheiving 15 top ten singles in March 2007 when they teamed up with UK girl band, Sugababes, to record Walk This Way for Comic Relief 2007.

    • At the TMF Awards 2005 Girls Aloud won Best UK Act.

    • Nadine originally won a place in the Irish Popstars group, Six. She was later asked to leave due to her being too young. However, she remains the only person to ever win two series of Popstars.

    • At Glamour's Women of The Year Awards 2005 Girls Aloud were nominated for Band of the Year.

    • 'No Good Advice' was expected to be released in the USA in May 2004, along with an American version of their first album. Unfortunately rumours were found to be untrue as was subsequent speculation. There are currently no plans for Girls Aloud to go to America.

      However, Nadine has recently received some publicity in the US due to her relationship with actor, Jesse Metcalfe.

    • On June 16th, 2006, Girls Aloud won the Heart Award for the single See the Day at the O2 Silver Clef Lunch, an annual awards honouring songwriting and performance in aid of Nordoff-Robbins Music Therapy. Nicola and Kimberley attended the awards presentation ceremony.

    • It was rumoured that Girl Aloud would release a 5th single from Chemistry, the second track on the album "Models," and appeared in release schedules for a 15 May release.

      Originally Nadine Coyle said it would be the next single (in an interview with The Sun newspaper), but Cheryl Tweedy contradicted Coyle's previous statement, by claiming in another interview that there would be no further releases from Chemistry.

    • Disney Channel viewers voted Sound Of The Underground as best single of 2002-2003 at the Disney Channel Kids Awards.

    • All of their twelve singles have entered the Top 10 of the UK Singles Chart, a feat no other girl group has ever achieved. Even surpassing the Spice Girls' record of ten.

    • July 30th saw the last ever edition of BBC's Top Of The Pops and a small clip of Girls Aloud performing their hit, 'Love Machine', was broadcast during the 'Best Of The 00's' section. Girls Aloud were officially the final act to appear on the show, in the sense that their clip was the final one showed as the credits ended.

    • On July 15th, Cheryl married her fiancé, Arsenal and England footballer Ashley Cole. Cheryl's bandmates arranged a hen night for her on the Thursday prior to her wedding and were also among her bridesmaids. Since then she has been known as Cheryl Cole.

    • The Sun Newspaper ran a picture of Kimberley apparently smoking cannabis at a private New Years party. She apologised immediately, but reports later suggested she was forced to admit to smoking weed when in fact the story was embellished.

    • In June 2006, rumours stated that Sarah was tired of the band and quitting to go solo, which prompted the singer to post a message on the groups official website stating she "would be insane to even consider leaving."

    • On 20 October 2003, band member Cheryl Tweedy was convicted of assaulting Sophie Amogbokpa, a toilet attendant at The Drink nightclub in Guildford, the incident took place on 11 January of that year.

      The court ordered Cheryl to perform 120 hours of unpaid community service, £3000 prosecution costs plus £500 in damages.

      She later made a public apology to Girls Aloud and their fans on BBC Radio Five Live.

    • The girls have dated many familiar faces. Sarah dated Mikey from boyband Phixx for a year, Nadine is dating, as of 2006, Desperate Housewives star Jesse Metclafe and Cheryl married footballer Ashley Cole in Summer 2006.

    • In 2006, Girls Aloud went on their first arena tour. They appeared in various arenas across the UK.

  • Quotes

    • "I would be insane to even consider leaving.", Sarah Harding's view on the June 2006 rumors that she was sick of the band and was thinking of going solo.

  • The greatest girl band of all time! Ever!

    So, so so talented, the five winners of popstars: the rivals, 20 consecutive top 10 hits. 6 Albums. AMAZING! Pure pop genius, but with an edge. They have worked so hard to be where they are now! 6 years! Lets hope for 6 more great years! Thanks to everyone who voted for Girls Aloud at the BRITs! =D They truely deserved to win! The only act on the night to be genuinely surprised and thankful! And the only act to beat Duffy! Well done! They truely deserve this! They are all so talented and hard-working im so happy they won! =Dmoreless
  • Ugh terrible singers!

    First of all from what i have heard on the summary for this that these girls won a contest which starred Louie Walsh and must of won cause of the suckiest judges ever! Second of all i can't stand these idiots there so annoying especially when they make singles and all that i hear these girls on commercials which sicken me trust me these girls have no talent i can't believe anyone would like these bunch of crappy singers i tell you these girls should maybe split up or either quit cause i'm sick of them they make an apperance in everything here in Britain and they keep going ''Hi,we're Girls Aloud!'' Ugh we know and that phrase is annoying me especially when these bunch of baloney girls were on that McDonalds commercial advertising them that they could win an competition to meet them these lot are bad singers there are much better artists out there like Weird Al or Barry White seriously whoever must like them are idiots.moreless