Gisele Bündchen

Gisele Bündchen


7/20/1980, Horizontina, Rio Grande do sul, Brazil

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Gisele Carolina Nonnenmacher Bündchen


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Towards the end of the Nineties the supermodel concept had largely been declared dead. That was until Gisele appeared on the catwalk. The stunning Brazilian brunette, with her tanned limbs, perfect curves and piercing ocean-blue eyes, has brought glamour and sex appeal back to the fashion industry. One…more


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    • Gisele Bündchen: (on modeling) It's flattering people might think I am number one but I never set out to be famous. A model's life is not as glamorous as everybody thinks it is. It is a great business and we make a lot of money but it's not glamorous. You get up at 4am and you shoot in horrible conditions sometimes. There are highs and lows.

    • Gisele Bündchen: (on ex-boyfriend Leonardo DiCaprio) Leo and I are still good friends. He's an amazing person and I love his family. I wish him the best.

    • Gisele Bündchen: When I was 14, my sister already had a boyfriend, and I hadn't even had a first kiss yet. She was always the hotter girl.

    • Gisele Bündchen: It's so stupid. People have this thing about models becoming actresses because Cameron Diaz was a model and so were Charlize Theron and Uma Thurman. I need a big new challenge in my life. I don't want to still be modeling at 30.

    • Gisele Bündchen: I was never a fashion person. I never carry the bag of the season. I consider modeling like acting: it's a job, pretend and then go home to your real life.

    • Gisele Bündchen: I can be whatever you want me to be. If you want me to be the sexy girl, I can do that. If you want me to be the weird girl, I can do that. And if you want me to be the classically beautiful girl, I can do that, too.

    • Gisele Bündchen:My father writes me a letter every year telling me everything I should get better at. He tells me things no one else can. I think about it all year.

    • Gisele: (On her early days as a model) I only had enough money to go to McDonald's.

    • Gisele Bundchen: "It's definitely like very chaotic backstage because there's so much going on and a tight space, and not only us, which is a lot of girls in the show, but there are also people like the hair, the makeup, which is a lot of people. And then, like, all the wings occupying someone's space." - Talking about the Victoria's Secret Fashion Shows

    • Gisele Bundchen: "It's so heavy… I was like, hopefully, no one kills me on this runway and tries to steal it from me," she said. "But it's pretty heavy. I mean, it was, like, almost heavier than me. No, I'm joking!" - When asked about a bra she was modeling.

    • Gisele Bundchen: "I had a bunch of security guards around me and when I was leaving this guy just took off his shirt and he was crying, he was a bit crazy, for sure. He was like, 'Look, I love you,' and he had me tattooed, like, my whole body on half of his chest. I was like, 'What is that?' I wasn't stopping to pay attention to it because I thought he was maybe a psycho or something... I got really scared. - What if he doesn't like me tomorrow... and he's got my whole body tattooed forever." - Talking about a fan who got an image of her tattooed on his chest.

    • Gisele Bundchen: "Sometimes when it's too hot, I just sleep in my underwear. If it's colder, I sleep in pajamas. I don't like to feel closed in. I like no pillows. I like very fluffy beds. I sleep on my stomach and sometimes on my side, but never on my back. Now, if I have my boyfriend with me, I kick him out of bed, because I move around a lot. I'm the worst person. I steal blankets."

    • Gisele Bundchen: "I don't have time for this s**t," - Said when walking off stage at a Helmut Lang fashion show, when she was asked to model only one outfit."

    • Gisele Bundchen: "I just feel very honoured and very happy, ... I just feel very happy to have achieved something in my career that I wanted -- and I'm sure every girl that started in this business always wanted."

    • Gisele Bundchen: "There always are these nightmare people around. Ugh. Anyway, they're always bugging. And they did get some pictures of me. They're so stupid."

    • Gisele Bundchen: "I was really there to support (DiCaprio). He's not just my boyfriend but he's an amazing actor. He's really talented and I was so proud of him. I figured I should go and support my man so I went there just for that reason. I don't think he was expecting to win. I think I was more upset because I thought he deserved it more than (Foxx). I was like, 'He did a better job than (Foxx)!'"

    • Gisele Bundchen: "He has to be taller than me, - I have a lot of qualities that I need, because I'm very needy... I just want an open, nice, sweet, loving, honest, funny guy. Basically, an impossible kinda man.". - Talking about her ideal man.

    • Gisele Bundchen: "The only thing is, I have dreams about food now... You should quit smoking if you're a smoker, because food tastes a lot better after you stop. I used to hate oysters because they're slimy and disgusting-looking. But then after I quit smoking I tasted one and I'm obsessed with them now. I wanna eat three dozen, five dozen..."

    • Gisele Bundchen:"I'm obsessed. It's a disease. I don't even have a housekeeper." - Talking about her obsession of cleaning.

    • Gisele Bundchen: "I'm a Cancer, what I prize the most is family, privacy. I never discussed business with my boyfriend, only with my agents."

    • Gisele Bundchen: "I want three children but I want to be in a happy marriage. - I've never been proposed to."

    • Gisele Bundchen: "It's important to remember that if you don't put gas in your car, it's going to stop, - Similarly, if I don't put food in my body, I'm going to die. I eat whatever there is to eat because I don't want to faint on the runway."

    • Gisele Bundchen : "I have been a slave of my work for five years, now I want some time for me. I will only work for the ones who like me". - Talking about her semi-retirement from modeling

    • Gisele Bundchen: "I don't like a lot of make up. I don't have any pimples."

    • Gisele Bundchen: "People say I have the body, I'm the woman of the moment." - Talking about her career.

    • Gisele Bundchen: "I love horses. If I could, I would ride the whole day. When I get married, I'll live in the countryside, ride on horses and live among cows, chickens and dogs."

    • Gisele Bundchen: "My house is all colorful and full of pets: dogs, fishes and an iguana." - Talking of her love for pets.

    • Gisele Bundchen: "I now travel in first class just because in economic I didn't have any calm. Everybody used to start talking to me, asking for an autograph, telling me they were friends of my family, and I couldn't get any sleep." - When talking about her trips.

    • Gisele Bundchen: "Everytime I step on the catwalk I feel a little cold in my stomach. I hate to open the shows. It's too much responsibility, and it's much more fun to close them."

    • Gisele Bundchen: "Being a model is like being half an actress. The truth is that I'm a normal teenager."

    • Gisele Bundchen: "I burped. I'm human!"

    • Gisele Bundchen: "I don't like to talk about my personal life." - When asked about personal things in an interview.

    • Gisele Bundchen: "Everything is destiny. I never wanted to be a model. I used to have a horrific posture. I still have."

    • Gisele Bundchen: "The owners of money are not those who earn, but those who don't spend." -Talking about money.

    • Gisele Bundchen: "For me, dating will always be the second important. My family comes first, and then my job." - Talking about relationships.

    • Gisele Bundchen: "I'm normal! People think model life is 100% glamour!" - Answering a reporter about her personal life.

    • Gisele Bundchen: "I don't talk about money." - When asked about money.

    • Gisele Bundchen: "I always wake up early and get home very late. I don't party." - Talking about critics from John Casablancas.

    • Gisele Bundchen: "Limusine, no! Too much for me..." - Questioning the car that would take her to New York Stock Market, on September 15th 2000.

    • Gisele Bundchen: "When I'm thirty years-old, I want to be married and have kids." - talking about her plans for the future.

    • Gisele Bundchen: "I have never imagined to be the most famous model in the world." - When questioned about the biggest surprise in her life.

    • Gisele Bundchen: "I'm not religious, but I believe in God." - When asked about religion.

    • Gisele Bundchen: "There's no part I like more. Everything is ok. There's no problem." - answering about what part of her body did she liked most.

    • Gisele: (when she refused to walk on the catwalk wearing a tiny bikini in the Morumbi Fashion, in São Paulo) No woman likes her own butt, and I don't like mine.


    Gisele is the hightest-paid model in the history, and the most famous one, for a reason: she's a simple woman.

    She made more magazine covers than any other model in the history, was named the best on her game by differente sources (Vogue magazine, Time magazine, Rolling Stone magazine, E! Channel, The Sunday Times, London Sun, Vogue Paris, GQ... and so many more).

    Today, she's one of the most recognizable faces in the world. In Brazil she's like a queen, along with stars icons like Pele and Carmen Miranda.

    She's the number one!moreless
  • One of the greatest supermodels of all time!

    Gisele Bundchen is one of the greatest supermodels of all time! She has of the best bodies in the modelling industry and the world! She also had a great acting debut in 2004s 2flop2 movie “Taxi” - the film wasn’t that great but Gisele’s performance was good enough to earn her a Nomination for “Choice Movie Bad Guy” and “Choice Movie Breakout Performance - Female” at the Teen Choice Awards 2005. - For many views (and myself) she was the best thing about the movie!moreless