Giuliana Rancic

Giuliana Rancic


8/17/1975, Naples, Italy

Birth Name

Giuliana DePandi



Also Known As

Giuliana, Giuliana DePandi
  • arrives at the 64th Annual Primetime Emmys
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  • Giuliana and Bill Rancic on Giuliana & B...
  • Giuliana and Bill Rancic on Giuliana & B...
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Giuliana DePandi moved to the United States, namely Washington D.C., with her family at a young age. Fluent only in Italian, Giuliana prides herself on the fact that she taught herself English by watching day-time soaps and other television shows. After high school, Giuliana enrolled into the University…more


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    • Giuliana: I think a guy should tell a girl he loves her first. I've heard so many stories of girls dropping the L-bomb first, and it just catches a guy off guard. He's uncomfortable. You never want to say to a guy, "I love you," and he says, "thanks." Just hold out. If you guys fall in love, he will tell you he loves you eventually.

    • Giuliana: If you meet a guy, and you take his phone number and he takes yours, and three days later he hasn't called, the truth of the matter is he probably wasn't interested in you in the first place, or he's not going to call you. So what good is it having his number? The problem is, you have a couple of glasses of wine with your friends on day three, and you find yourself calling him. You're a little unruly, and you're having a little too much fun, and then you wake up the next morning and you regret it. You can't believe you called him. So I think it's just dangerous. If he likes you, he will call you.

    • Giuliana: My whole life, people have been telling me that I think like a guy when it comes to dating. I was pretty carefree in relationships, and if they didn't go well, I could walk away easily. I never had my heart broken that much, because I just had a different attitude than a lot of girls did.

    • Giuliana: I believe when you are a celebrity you have a platform to be heard and it's up to the public to determine what they are or are not going to believe.

    • Giuliana: I would love to interview Roberto Benigni just so I could tell him how much his movie, Life is Beautiful, meant to me.

    • Giuliana: I had such a great time working on Paparazzi. The director and the actors were so sweet. My family and friends got a real kick out of watching the film so that made it even better!

    • Giuliana: I love all types of music from Kanye West and Usher to Pete Yorn and Travis and I still always keep one Frank Sinatra cd in my car.

    • Giuliana: I think remakes are fine if done well.

    • Giuliana: I loved Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. I thought the subject matter was incredibly clever.

    • Giuliana: The only thing that annoys me is when celebrities are rude and annoyed by doing press for their movies. I feel that publicity comes with the territory of being a celebrity and it's just a part of being in the limelight.

    • Giuliana: (when asked if she loves her job) Yes, I love it. Even when I am having a stressful day at work, I take a step back and say 'Are you kidding, you have the greatest job ever!' And then I quickly snap into a great mood.

    • Giuliana: My talent agent sent my demo reel to E! and from that, they gave me a one week audition. They liked my work and shortly after, offered me a reporter role on E! News Live.

    • Giuliana: When dating I play my cards right, so the guy's in more of a girl role. Most guys like it.

    • Giuliana: Some guy once sent me a care package with lingerie…and a seminude photo of himself. That was disturbing.

    • Giuliana: I'm definitely the poster child for 'school is bad,' since I learned more than my older siblings by just staying home.

    • Giuliana: (about Barbara Harrison) I grew up thinking that she had the greatest life. I saw her once at White Flint Mall, in the middle of the day, and I thought, 'So, that's what she does during the day!� She had kids and an amazing job!

    • Giuliana: On a recent flight to New York, I was at the ticket counter trying to upgrade. A couple of days later, had a piece about me being at the airport 'freshly-botoxed.'

    • Giuliana: I was interviewing Ted Kennedy and told him that his fans want to know what was his idea of a good time. When I played the tape for the class, my teacher just looked at me and said, 'You need to go into Entertainment.

    • Giuliana: I love a martini, straight up, with an olive.

    • Giuliana: My ultimate goal is to be an anchor on local DC news. That's my dream, to come full circle. My family is there

    • Giuliana: Oh my God! I was so scared of Melania. But she is really nice. She told me that she gets all her entertainment news from my show. She'll know lots of things we talk about on E! News, especially when we mention her!

    • Giuliana: (about George Clooney) Every time I interview him, its still nerve wracking! I remind myself to stay cool. Even my producer, finally said, �This fawning over George Clooney has to end!� But, he was my biggest crush!

    • Giuliana: We have a camera pretty much everywhere except the restrooms, which we probably are working on that right now.

    • Giuliana: When we got back to his house, he had roses and rose petals scattered everywhere and a big chocolate cake sitting next to a bottle of our favorite wine. It was the best night of my life.

    • Giuliana DePandi: I just think that people are just fascinated by celebrities and the fact that it's live and anything can happen. Really, I think people are just dying to see what these celebrities are wearing when they walk on the carpet and what they're saying and who they're with.

    • Giuliana DePandi: It's Hollywood, and everyone's just fascinated by Hollywood.

    • Giuliana: As a European I always thought movie stars and Hollywood were amazing.

    • Giuliana: The women on TV were different from models or actresses.

    • Giuliana: (talking about her engagement) At first, I thought Bill was surprising me with a helicopter ride over downtown Chicago to see the Christmas lights. Then, suddenly he pulled out the most beautiful ring I have ever seen and asked me to marry him. I was so excited I could barely speak.

    • (about what she would like to do)
      Guiliana: I would love to take time off to write a book.

    • (about her favorite movies)
      Giuliana: Some of my favorite movies are Good Fellas and The Godfather - I love mafia movies (I guess that has something to do with being born in Italy and raised Italian!!!) My all time favorite is Moulin Rouge. I have seen that movie a dozen times and it gets better every time. Baz is a genius and Nicole Kidman is the epitome of beauty in that film. The Italian film Life is Beautiful was one of the most touching and sad movies I have ever seen.

  • She rocks the news.

    Giuliana Depandi rocks. She's not only working for E!, she also wrote a book. And guess what it's called? "How To Get A Guy By Thinking Like One". I read it- and it's good. it's really good. it's sweet and funny. Exactelly the thing you need after a long day at work. Something to relax. And trust me girls, you'll feel like she really understands you. But again that's not the only thing she does. We can also admire her on the red carpet- no matter what award show's going on. And she's doing it with the neccessary fun. So enjoy.moreless
  • Giuliana DePandi is the gorgeous lead anchor for E! network's, E! News.

    Giuliana DePandi is in my opinion the most gorgeous person on television today. You can catch her hosting E! news every weeknight at 7 and 7:30, and hosting E! News Weekend during recurring times every weekend. Yea you may want to only watch the show for her beauty, especially those legs, but she also brings to you some of the most exclusive interviews with everyone in Hollywood. She has also appeared on many other shows inlcuding many different E! specials, The Pyramid, and the Jamie Kennedy Experiment. She has also taken over for Joan Rivers, becoming E!'s red carpet interviewer. Watch her!moreless