Glen Jacobs

Glen Jacobs


Torrejón de Ardoz, Madrid, Spain

Birth Name

Glen Thomas Jacobs



Also Known As

Kane, Angus King, Isaac Yankem, DDS, Doomsday, Christmas Creature, Unabomb, Mike Unabomb, Diesel
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Billed as being 7 feet but is actually 6'0 10" tall.
Kane is NOT the brother of the Undertaker (Mark Calaway).
Decreased in muscle mass after returning to wrestling earlier in the year from bicep surgery.
Was unmasked in an effort to make him more "marketable" outside of wrestling.
Is not really…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Kane Or The Big Red machine as some call him is Very Underrated it may not seem like it but in a way it's true

    personally i think Kane is Very Underrated because When you think about it his only major title reign was with the WWE Championship which lasted 1 day. He Is now the ECW champions so lets hope that reign lasts longer because.Kane's a good guy deserving of a nice push he puts the younger guys over and knows how to give a good match.I alwways looked forward to His inferno matches and His days as the Brothers Of Destruction with Him and The Undertaker Were classics. sadly it seems Kane may possibly be retiring soon and much as i'd hate to see him go it seems he's getting older.But One things for certain as long as He's around The Big red Machine Will Remain a Fan-favoritemoreless
  • The big Red monster needs to be used more The current Ecw champion Kane. It was about time they gave Kane the a Championship lately he has had a rivalry with Chavo Guerrero.moreless

    The current Ecw champion Kane. It was about time they gave Kane the a Championship lately he has had a rivalry with Chavo Guerrero. Kane the 7 foot 326 pound so called brother of the Undertaker has been in the WWE since October 5 1997 Kane started of with a mask then marketing decided to see if the could market Kane without his mask he reminds me of my cousin. Kane needs to be used more into story lines Like the Undertaker is. I mean he can actually wrestle. Kane loves to cause his opponents pain he needs to do more promos like a little more scary. Kane rivals have been the likes of His brother the Undertaker, Stone cold which gave Kane his first wwe championship, DX mark henry Vince McMahon Matt Hardy and Edge(both over Lita) Kane has won many championships in his career with the WWE. Kane is a the current ECW champion. Kane is a WWE champion a 2 time Intercontinental champion, a 9 time tag team champion(2with mankind 2 with X-PAC 2 with The Undertaker aka "The Brothers of Destruction" 1 with the Hurricane Aka Gregory Helms 1 with Rob Van Dam, and 1 with The Big Show. Kane is a hardcore champion So give Kane the opportunity to win the world heavyweight championship from Edge because he made Undertaker leave the WWEmoreless