Glenn Beck (I)

Glenn Beck (I)


2/10/1964, Seattle, WA

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Glenn Beck


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Nationally syndicated radio talk show host Glenn Beck became even more visible in 2006 with his first television commentary show, CNN's Glenn Beck, which was at the time, the fastest growing TV talk show on cable. In 2009, Beck's show moved over to the Fox News Channel. Getting…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Glenn is the author of An Inconvenient Book.

    • Glenn calls his show the fusion of entertainment and enlightenment.

    • Glenn once opposed capital punishment, however during his January 10th 2008 show he admitted he changed his position and now supports the death penalty.

    • Beck supports an individual rights interpretation of the Second Amendment, and is against gun control legislation.

    • Beck is a proponent of strong security along the Mexican border.

    • Beck supports the war in Iraq. In March 2003, Beck ran a series of rallies called Glenn Beck's Rally for America in support of troops deployed for the upcoming Iraq war.

    • Glenn is the publisher of Fusion Magazine.

    • Glenn is a conservative.

    • At first, his current wife Tania liked him except for 1 detail: She told him if they were going to get married, they had to "shop around" for a faith. Also, Back says that he met Tania at work. They were at the same party and Glenn says "I was drinking from my old friend Jack, when I turn around and there's Tania standing behind me. I put the drink down and never picked one up again.

    • Glenn was once fired from three radio stations all on the same day, at 15 years old.

    • Glenn grew up a Catholic. Today, he calls himself a "born again Mormon".

  • Quotes

    • Glenn: Whoever thought a tiny candy bar should be called fun size was a moron.

    • Glenn: Application of your faith will change your life.

    • Glenn: Money doesn't talk, it screams.

    • Glenn: The moment you stop worrying about success is when success will happen.

    • Glenn: Political correctness is the classic Great Idea Gone Wrong. All it's done is shut us up. It hasn't changed anybody's mind. It hasn't changed our hearts. It's changed our faces. It's taken every opinion we have, it's taken every joke we have, and it's forced us to conceal it and hide it and bury it. It's made us superficial.

    • Glenn: I am a conservative, but I am not a zombie.

    • Glenn: Good for you, you have a heart, you can be a liberal. Now, couple your heart with your brain, and you can be a conservative.

    • Glenn: I hope people feel goodness from my show and accept me for who I am, flaws and all.

    • Glenn: Remember, beneath every cynic there lies a romantic, and probably an injured one.

    • Glenn Beck: If you go to jail in certain cities in California, in some cases, you can actually pay extra to get your own cell and your own shower. You can pay for better food. Rich people like Paris Hilton can now buy their way into a better jail-spa. Think of it as "Business Class" for the convicted felon.

  • One of the last voices of reason in the media today.

    You either love him, or hate him. Whatever, it really doesn't matter. But Glenn Beck is a voice crying in the wilderness, in much the same way that John the Baptist was, only instead of preparing the way for the Son of God, Beck is a humble voice simply trying to warn the citizens of America to it's upcoming peril, if major changes don't happen soon.

    Everything he speaks on his shows is backed up by facts. He starts every show with, "Don't take anything I say as fact...look it up yourself". I have done this and have found him to be absolutely truthful. He gets a lot of hate mail and negative reviews from liberals, and from people who don't like him revealing the truth, but let's face it, being the proclaimer of truth has never been popular. Many have given their lives for the truth and for this country. Glenn Beck says he would do the same and I believe him. As a former Democrat, I've watched my old party fly off into lunacy. Absolute bizarreness. And then somehow think that their so-out-of-whack views are "normal". They are indeed caught in the "strong delusion" promised for this generation.

    CNN is so far unbalanced in it's news that it's unwatchable. MSNBC is extremely liberal as parent NBC News is. The others are just as warped and out of balanced. Only Fox News is close to the center, and maybe with a slight lean to the right, but it's the most balanced news source we have. And I'm glad that Beck is a part of their lineup.

    There is a reason why over 3 million people watch the Glenn Beck show daily. It's to hear the truth.moreless
  • Well, not good.

    I think Glenn Beck is ridiculous. He is basically a pathetic person who is just like everyone on Fixed News. He knows all the tricks of the trade to curving the facts and spinning it in the way the network wants to spin it. Long story short, Fox News is a joke. They basically have entertainers than actual news reporters. I can't stand to watch them bend the truth on every chance they get and what's even more ridiculous is the people who eat all this garbage with a spoon. I will say that Glenn Beck doesn't surprise me by his lies. Thank you.moreless