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Glenn Corbett





8/17/1933 , El Monte,California



Birth Name




Tall and commanding Glenn Corbett was first introduced to the acting world in his 20's by his wife Judy. He spent several years at College Theatrical plays, before he signed a contract with Columbia Pictures in 1950. His film debut was with Mickey Rooney in "The Fireball" and took the lead role in William Castle's suspense thriller "Homicidal". He continued work in supporting roles which included Ed Wood's "The Violent Years" and "The Mountain Road". He also became a regular on short lived television series, "Route 66" and "The Road West". Throughout the seventies, Corbett stayed busy in major budgeted theatrical films which included him in supporting roles in two of John Wayne's western films, "Chisum" and "Big Jake" and a smaller role featuring an all star cast for Universal's war epic motion picture "Midway". In his later years, Corbett was a regular on long running TV series including "The Doctors" and spent six years on "Dallas" up until his death in 1993 of lung cancer.