Glenn Howerton

Glenn Howerton


4/13/1979, Japan

Birth Name

Glenn Franklin Howerton III


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Born in Japan and raised in Montgomery, Alabama, actor Glenn Howerton attended Juilliard before making his screen debut in the 2002 made for television feature Monday Night Mayhem. Recurring roles in That 80's Show and ER found Howerton settling into a comfortable small screen schedule in 2002 and…more


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    • Glenn: (On the influences of the Juilliard School) The kind of discipline that I learned at Juilliard, the kind of discipline that I had to have to get through those four years there, taught me to strive to be the absolute best actor that I could possibly be, to really not let myself off the hook, and to constantly be challenging myself as an artist-because I really considers actors to be artists.

    • Glenn: (On IMDB's errors) Well OK, first of all, "Dennis Gets a Puppy." I loved that, because that is a title which I think has been on IMDB for like, three years. It's never been a show that we ever made, it's not. The longer it's up there – 'cause it's been up there since season one – the longer it's up there, the more tempted we are to actually make an episode called "Dennis Gets a Puppy," 'cause there isn't one. There is no such episode.

    • Glenn: (On Danny DeVito) It's so fun to work with Danny. For obvious reasons, he's just one of the most brilliantly, sort of acerbic, evil, funny, loveable character actors of our time. He's a guy that we all grew up with, and he's just brilliant. He brings so much experience, and so much, he brings so much to the show. He's got such a great energy, and he's just a lovely human being. My personal theory about Danny is that, the reason people… It's weird that somebody who has played so many demented, evil, rotten characters in films in the past is so loved by the general public.

    • Glenn: (On being a drama teacher) I have been a drama teacher before, for short periods of time. Teaching anything forces you to confront what you really believe in as far as what you yourself have come to learn. In order to teach it, you must, on some level, believe in it yourself. I learned a lot from teaching and would consider it in the future as a hobby. But, not as a profession.

    • Glenn: (On the inspiration to shoot It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia with multiple cameras) We liked the way 'Curb Your Enthusiasm' was shot, because they seemed to be shooting multiple cameras all at once, to capture the improv. We're all actors and the importance was always in capturing the best performance. We always felt very strongly with all of us having acted on stage, and coming from New York that you're going to get the best scene out of two people, if both people are on camera at once. It always felt very stilted to us, having someone stand right next to a camera lens, talking to somebody else who was practically looking right into the lens and acting a scene. And we liked the idea of shooting multiple angles and being able to edit within one take because of the magic that can happen, almost like capturing a live performance, in a way.

    • Glenn: (On the Dating Scene) Well, you know what? I think the thing about society nowadays is that we don't listen to one another very much. Everybody is so scattered. So I think it takes time to get to know somebody. It takes a little bit of time. But it's tough because there's a lot of distractions.

    • Glenn: (On his role in 'Serenity') It's a very, very small part. I play a young guy…it's a very, very small part. I play a part where I get shot. These man-eating creatures, these flesh-eating creatures attack me and one of the main guys shoots me to save me from getting eaten alive.

    • Glenn: (On his opinion of Internet Dating) I've never done it before but I wouldn't be totally against it, if things didn't work out the way they're working out right now. I haven't done it to date, but I don't think there's necessarily anything wrong with it. It's a little weird to me, to be perfectly honest with you, but I don't think there's anything wrong with it

    • Glenn: I was one of those strange people who loved school.

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