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  • One of the most inspiring people you will ever encounter.

    I had the wonderful privilege of filming with Glenn (who played my narcissistic father)last summer for a movie entitled "Bloodlines". When you have a movie that shoots predominately nights, and you spend almost every waking moment with the cast and crew, you often find yourself in the amazing opportunity to experience some truly incredible people. Submitted for your approval: Glenn Morshower. Glenn played my narcissistic father. There are some key points you should know about Glenn. Number one: Never sit down at a poker table with Glenn unless you have an insane philanthropic tendency and wish to sacrifice your money and pride on the felt. He's an amazing player and teacher of the game. Had he the time, you'd see him at any final table. Number two: Never runs out of stories, and they never tire. Number three: Funny face... you just have to see it. Number four: and finally the most important. Glenn can inspire you to levels you never dreamed imaginable. He's the sort of individual that once you leave him, all you can to is exhale and process the plethora of information he has bestowed on you. Perfect example: "This (acting) isn't a business of hires, it's about rehires. You never know who you're working with, so treat everyone with the respect they deserve as a person... and not by their position." I hope that somehow you who are reading this has the opportunity to meet and visit with Glenn. Look for the seminar Glenn presents entitled "The Extra Mile". In closing, I leave you with all too familiar words from Glenn. Have a great day, and go help someone else to do the same."