Glenn Quinn

Glenn Quinn


5/28/1970, Dublin, Ireland



Birth Name

Glenn Martin Christopher Francis Quinn


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Glenn Martin Christopher Francis Quinn was born May 28th, 1970, in Dublin, Ireland, and raised in Cabinteely, County Dublin. As a teenager, he played drums in a band, and acted in productions at small local theaters. Glenn attended Clonkeen College (a secondary school in south county Dublin) and…more


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    Glenn Quinn looked so gorgeous and I agree I also believe he is the most gorgeous guy I have ever seen in my life. When I first saw him in Angel I didnt realise he played Mark in Roseanne and for some reason I didnt notice how great looking he was in that show. And it wasnt just the way he looked it was the look in his eyes and his mannerisms that just crowned those Celtic good looks of his. And coupled with that Irish charm and humourous nature, what girl alive could resist? (I know I can't). I only found out that he was dead last week when I wanted to find out more about him. I was so shocked and now I feel so emotional. When I started fancying him, he was sadly already dead. When I rewatched the episode where Doyle died last night I couldnt help but cry a little cos I knew the actor himself was dead.

    He was a beautiful beautiful man albiet messed up. I hope whereever he is now hes found some peace.moreless
  • A great talented wasted.

    It's so sad to think that Glenn is gone, he was a great talent and it's just terrible that his career was cut so short. As Doyle, Angel's comedic side kick on the Buffy the Vampire Slayer spin-off Angel, Glenn gave a lot of goofy charm and funny wit. He had a great vibe with David and good chemistry with Charisma. The little time he spent on the show is well remembered by fans and even though he was a part of the show for such a short amount of time he made a lasting impression long after he was gone both with the fans and over the course of the rest of the show.moreless