Glenn Quinn





5/28/1970 , Dublin, Ireland



Birth Name

Glenn Martin Christopher Francis Quinn




Glenn Martin Christopher Francis Quinn was born May 28th, 1970, in Dublin, Ireland, and raised in Cabinteely, County Dublin. As a teenager, he played drums in a band, and acted in productions at small local theaters. Glenn attended Clonkeen College (a secondary school in south county Dublin) and moved to the Long Beach area of California in 1988 with his mother, Bernadette, and sisters Sonya and Louisa. He worked odd jobs (at power plants, restaurants, etc) before he decided to pursue an acting career. Glenn made his first onscreen appearance playing a pool shark in the Richard Marx video Satisfied. His first speaking part was as a guest-star in an episode of The Outsiders. Shout was his theatrical film debut. Other movies in which Glenn was featured include Dr. Giggles, Campfire Tales, the independent horror film R.S.V.P., and the made-for-television VH1 movie At Any Cost.

He was best known for his television roles as Mark on Roseanne and Doyle on Angel.

Glenn died of a heroin overdose in Los Angeles, California on December 3, 2002, and was buried in the Forest Lawn-Cypress Cemetary in Orange County, California. He was 32 years old at the time of his death.