Gloria Alexandra




Birth Name




Gloria Alexandra, Born (November 20th) and raised until the age of 21 in Lima, Peru, of Spanish and English descent. She is a Peruvian Born, American Actress and you can see her in several English & Spanish Films, TV Shows, Commercials, Magazines, Websites, Catalogs and Theaters. Although her first name is Gloria, she prefers to go by her middle name Alexandra. Because of her mixed European, South American background she gets cast as not only the typical Latin female, her look is very versatile and changeable.

Gloria Alexandra is a passionate pursuer of the Performing Arts. She leaves her ego behind, to embrace what most people are afraid to explore, not afraid of being vulnerable, loves complex characters. Still, has a great sense of humor and also embraces comedy, funny scenarios, and wit. She also enjoys sarcasm and is not afraid of becoming the one to laugh at either!...Yeah, Let's do it her motto!

At a very young age Gloria Alexandra was drawn to the Theatre and all forms of Performing and the Arts, and enrolled in Ballet, Piano, and Choir. Although after High School she went to Business School, she had to relocate to Los Angeles, California, in order to pursue a career in The Entertainment Industry, especially in Acting. After arrival to Los Angeles she has attended several Acting Schools, Studios, Colleges and Workshops and continues to do so while working as an Actor/Performer.