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Gloria Felix

Gloria Felix


Los Angeles, California

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  • I can't believe I've been watching Hell's Kitchen (every episode, sometimes twice) since the beginning, and I just now realized that Red Team Sous Chef Gloria Felix and I once worked together back in our ambulance days!moreless

    I've been watching Hell's Kitchen since Season One, Episode One. I thought that I had recognized the Red Team Sous Chef, but I could not place her. Finally, on the second to the last episode of this season, I heard Chef Ramsay say her name. Then it clicked! That's Gloria Felix!!! Long ago, she and I worked for the same ambulance company. We worked a few overtime shifts together, and then she became a supervisor. WOW!!! Hey Gloria, I am so proud of you! How on earth did you make it to be a Sous Chef for Gordon Ramsay on Hell's Kitchen??? You are amazing! Oh, since you've been on TV for so long, do you have any idea of just how much ice cream you owe me? -- Jonmoreless