Gloria Jean

Gloria Jean


4/14/1926, Buffalo, New York, U.S.A.

Birth Name

Gloria Jean Schoonover


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Gloria Jean, former child star, was both a versatile actress and an accomplished singer. Currently (2007) she's enjoying success selling on eBay. During the 1930s, her family moved to Scranton, Pennsylvania where she sang on the radio with Paul Whiteman's Orchestra. At the same time she was also…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Gloria has one son and four grandchildren that live in Hawaii.

    • Gloria Jean's nickname in the early years of her budding career was "Baby Skylark" for her pure and melodic tone.

    • Gloria Jean was lucky enough to have a successful film career throughout her teen years, unlike many of the other child stars of the same era.

    • Gloria Jean returned to acting in 1946 and was featured in United Artists, Columbia Pictures, and Allied Artists productions.

    • For her last two movies with Universal Studios, Gloria Jean was teamed with singer-actor Kirby Grant. Both were released in 1945.

    • When Gloria Jean's contract at Universal Studios expired, her agent arranged a busy schedule of personal appearances across America and England.

    • One of the motives Universal Studios had for hiring Gloria Jean was to use her as a "threat" to hold over their moody juvenile star, Deanna Durbin's head.

    • One of the motives Universal Studios had for hiring Gloria Jean was to use her as a "threat" to hold over their moody juvenile star, Deanna Durbin's head.

    • Gloria Jean's authorized biography Gloria Jean: A Little Bit of Heaven was published in 2005.

    • Gloria Jean made her stage debut at age 3 and had her own local radio show at age 5.

    • Gloria Jean's father owned and operated a music store in Scranton, Pennsylvania.

    • Gloria Jean's tour de force came in 1944 starring in the melodrama Destiny, as a blind girl being terrorized by an escaped killer.

    • 1941 produced Gloria Jean's most famous role in the movie Never Give a Sucker an Even Break, starring opposite comedic genius W.C. Fields.

    • Gloria Jean enjoyed a 30-year career with Redken Laboratories, a national cosmetics firm, once she retired from showbusiness in 1962.

  • Quotes

    • Gloria Jean (reminiscing about the dog that Bing Crosby had gifted her): This goes back, but in the Thin Man series, there was a little dog called "Asta." Bing gave me Asta's niece and I called her "Patsy." You talk about adorable! It was a wonderful gift.

    • Gloria Jean(talking about her former schoolmate Liz Taylor): Elizabeth was very shy and the teacher was worried, she said "I hope she gets over that." Well, I think she did! But she was beautiful and a lovely little girl.

    • Gloria Jean: Air Strike was certainly not a very good movie, but we had tons of fun while making it and Richard Denning was a delight. Don Haggerty was also in the movie and he was just as wonderful to be with.

    • Gloria Jean (talking about working with actor Richard Denning in the movie "Air Strike"): We had a great time being on board of the U.S.S. Essex carrier with the 2,500 sailors.