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  • The Bad Seed

    Full Episode

    S 5 : Ep 22 - 4/4/97

    Donny Dixon, the son of Dutch Dixon, wants to revenge the death of his mother. First also he sees the killer in Reno, but then he must see the truth: His own father killed his mother. Donny allies himself with Reno and Bobby. The three get assistance of Dixons set forward Jack Hendricks. That has Dixon already for a long time in the visor, but so far the proofs were missing to him. From now on is Dutch Dixon on the escape before the head money hunters Reno Raines and Bobby Sixkiller.moreless
  • Fearless

    Full Episode

    S 7 : Ep 7 - 10/30/96

    Kenny orders Valerie to terminate her pregnancy. He agrees to pay her $100,000 to have an abortion. When he skips a meeting where he was to make the payment, she delivers diapers to his befuddled wife. Kenny angrily writes Valerie the check. Firefighter Cliff helps out with the Alphas' haunted house, where he encourages a young boy to overcome his fears. Cliff later has a date with Donna at the After Dark. Steve is miffed when Clare chooses to go to the Halloween concert with egotistical Dick Harrison, a Phi Beta Kappa. He uses an escort service in the hopes of making Clare jealous, but she learns that Steve paid the woman and mistakenly assumes that she is a hooker. Steve turns down Clare's proposal of an open relationship. Brandon and Tracy spend time together at the club, although he does not wish to pursue another workplace romance. He gives her a ride home and kisses her. David refuses to spend the weekend at his grandparents' house in Palm Springs. His father calls him to deliver the news that his grandfather died of a heart attack.moreless
  • Sins of the Father

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    S 4 : Ep 11 - 11/27/95

    Dutch Dixons son Donnie is likewise measure-guesses/advises like its father. When Donnie will dismiss from the prison, Bobby suggests a business to him: He is its father to measurers to supply with and proofs for Renos innocence to teach. Donnie, which hates its father, deals with it. As humans gelaeuterter in the prison it puts its father in here. In an old church it comes to show down. Reno Dixon, which is shaken by the common plans of its son, saves the life.moreless
  • Whore Wars

    Full Episode

    S 3 : Ep 16 - 2/6/94

    Oscar LeMay kills a whore very brutally, and both the leader of the Mob, Donnie 'Dogs' Dibarto, ánd the honourable Police Captain, Harry Lipschitz, stand side by side feeling left behind as they find out why.moreless
  • The Homecoming

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 6 - 10/5/93

    Leslie's Parents: It's homecoming weekend. Leslie's parents come to visit her. She is sick of their controlling ways, so she asks Screech to be her date in order to freak them out a bit. Screech agrees to be especially geeky for this event. He does a good job of freaking them out, but eventually they figure it out and they agree to back off and allow Leslie to make some of her own decisions from now on.

    Johnny: Meanwhile, an old football buddy of Mike's is also coming. Kelly has a crush on him and Slater admires him. Zack is not that impressed, but Johnny (Mike's friend)charms him and offers to get him in to the party and introduce him to some big wigs. He also invites Zack to play golf with him the next day. At the party, Johnny asks Kelly to go with him. Kelly was Zack's date, but Zack hardly even notices because he is so busy talking to the people Johnny introduced him to. Kelly leaves with Johnny. The next day, as Zack is getting ready to go golfing, Kelly tells him that Johnny hit on her. When she said no, he let her find her own way home. Zack decides not to go golfing after all.

    Mike, who had warned Zack about Johnny, admits to Zack that he is a bit jealous of Johnny's fame and the fact that he's still playing football. Zack lets Mike know how much help he's been and how much the kids there need him.

    The Mascot: Alex is auditioning for the coveted role of the school mascot, a falcon. As she is practicing her falcon role, Slater walks in and teases her. She gets offended so later on, he helps her by giving her some advice--and she gets the job. She invites Slater to go to the party with her and he accepts, however, he was not expecting her to show up in her falcon costume. Slater is very embarrassed and Alex gets hurt. In the end, Slater tells her he really likes her.