Gloria Reuben

Gloria Reuben


6/9/1964, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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Gloria was born in Toronto in June of 1964. Her mother, an accomplished singer, encouraged Gloria to purse her creative talents. Gloria started off as most kids do, on the piano, but soon graduated to her interest in music technique and theory. She also studied jazz and ballet…more


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    • Gloria Reuben: (On the impact of her character on ER for HIV/AIDS awareness) The ball has been dropped even though the numbers specifically in the African American and Latino communities are going through the roof. It's a pandemic that really has fallen off the radar for the most part in terms of the general media. So it's wonderful to be able to use the avenue, the role of Jeannie Boulet to keep the message in people's minds and just kind of remind them a little bit that this hasn't gone away and it's actually impacting more people now than it was a few years ago. What an incredible thing to carry along with it this story of Jeannie Boulet from a few years ago, because anybody and everybody who would be involved with HIV/AIDS would know about this storyline. It's kind of that blessing of being able to have a familiar face that is connected to an issue and then being able to talk about that issue and people may want to listen a little bit more.

    • Gloria Reuben:(About the prevalence of HIV/AIDS in African-American communities) It's such a huge, complex issue. Societal and cultural influences are such that, it perpetuates the stigma. If we look at, for the most part, the hip-hop culture, when it's all about having sex and women are just there to have sex with -- having sex with as many people as possible, sex all the time, no protection, blah, blah, blah. If we look at economics, if you're not educated and you don't have a job, you're going to end up in jail. It's about the homophobia, it's just unbelievable. The stigma around homophobia in the Black and Latino communities is unbelievable -- you gotta put on a front and have sex on the 'down-low.' The shame and stigma around it perpetuates the shame and stigma around HIV/AIDS. What ends up happening is clearly the double life that goes on.

    • Gloria Reuben:(On how she got involved in "Life Support") 'm an executive producer on Padre Nuestro (a critically-acclaimed independent film) which won the grand prize at Sundance Film Festival this year. We were editing the film at PostWorks, which is the best production house in New York City. So we're editing this movie and directly across the hall from us, Nelson George was casting Life Support. He and I saw each other in the hallway quite often. We walked into the building at the same time, rode up on the elevator together and he filled me in on the story, which is based on his sister, and Queen Latifah was playing the role. I was like, 'Look, I gotta be in this movie. Man. It's way too important. It's what I do. It's no accident that we're literally across the hall from each other.'

    • Gloria Reuben: (About reprising her role on ER for an episode) It just felt incredible. Of course, there was a lot of apprehension and anxiety, like returning home after not having been there for so many years. I didn't know what to expect. But when I got there, it was like no time had gone by at all. It really felt kind of great to step back into the shoes of Jeanie. There's no better thing for an actor to ask for than to have the opportunity to step back in time and yet have new dimensions to play.

    • Gloria Reuben: There's always been a desire within me to make a record about the variations and mysteries of love.

    • Gloria Reuben:(On how she prepared for the role in "Raising the Bar") I live in New York, and so does David Feige, and the director, Jesse Bochco. A couple of the other cast members came out from L.A. for a research trip. We all actually spent some time up in the Bronx and down at the Centre Street Courthouse in lower Manhattan to observe exactly what happens, not only in the courtroom but during the whole process from someone getting booked, on. My character, Roz, is based on a woman named Robin [Steinberg] who runs the Bronx Public Defender's Office. So, I spent some time with her. Of course, you want to get down the fundamentals of how she works, and what her work entails, but to me, it's all about what's going on emotionally.

    • Gloria Reuben:(About her win of Miss Black Ontario) That was so long ago. It's funny that you asked that. Actually, the timing is kind of perfect, because there was this thing about Obama, "Is he black enough?" That's all I need to say about that issue.

    • Gloria Reuben:(On how she wants to be remembered) Just as someone who maybe made a difference in at least one person's life?

    • Gloria Reuben:(When asked if she is happy) 100% of the time? No. I think I would have to be on some kind of drugs to be happy all the time. But I'm very content and filled with gratitude for the most part. Yes.

    • Gloria Reuben:(On how she got into HIV/AIDS activism) Playing Jeanie Boulet [on ER] definitely came first. And by the time I left the show, I thought my work had been done in a way. But when I recently read that AIDS was the #1 killer of black women between the ages of 25 and 34 here in the United States, I asked, "What the hell is going on?" That kind of spring-boarded me to take action again to raise awareness in our communities all around the country.

    • Gloria Reuben:(On why she lives in New York instead of Hollywood) Because I lived in Hollywood for 11 years and had my fill. I'm from Toronto, so prefer the East Coast and I missed the change of seasons. I may sound crazy, but I love winter.

    • Gloria Reuben: (On what interested her about Raising the Bar) Three things. First and foremost, [7-time Emmy-winning writer] Stephen Bochko. Secondly, the book that the show was based on, called Indefensible, written by

    • Gloria Reuben: (On her television series The Agency) This may be a television show, but I have a bigger vision of it. In this time when we most need hope, we have a great opportunity not just to entertain and inform, but maybe even to play a small part in elevating a certain faith in the federal government.

    • Gloria Reuben: (about why there seems to be so much misinformation about HIV/AIDS, especially in the African-American community) These things are deep and it's not going to be eradicated quickly. We have to start talking about sex, sexual partners, in our schools and our churches. Church is a big deal. People go to church. If we're denying what's happening from the leaders of our community, it's going to perpetuate the problem. Abstinence-only education and the way the Bush administration funds this type of sex education is also part of the problem.

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  • Gloria Reuben is an extremely talented actress who gives any role, no matter how depthless it may seem, depth.

    Gloria Reuben is amazing. She has a beautiful voice and is perfect at becoming a character she's playing. While some criticize her for being melodramatic, I think this is part of her talent. She never plays comedians or warm, fuzzy people. Although Jeanie Boulet ("ER") was a genuinely kind person, she was quiet and reserved also. Gloria managed to do the impossible--be very kind and shy at the same time! I was then delighted to see her do a guest role on The District, one of my favorite cop shows. Then, on 1-800-MISSING, she shined. It's still one of my favorite shows (retitled "MISSING") but it's not the same without her. She perfectly stepped into her character and had fantastic chemistry with the rest of the cast. I'm thankful for those 18 episodes she was in and very disappointed that she left. Hehe, I wrote this whole review backwards. I first saw her on 1-800-MISSING and then on ER and The District in reruns! Haha. I hate "NUMB3RS" but I was glad to see an episode with Gloria. I hope she continues to guest star on shows because no matter how bad the show is, it'll be worth watching!moreless