Glynis Johns





10/5/1923 , Pretoria, South Africa

Birth Name




This wide-eyed, croaky-voiced Welsh actress was actually born in Africa and was the daughter of a famous character actor, Mervyn Johns. She began acting as a child, and achieved fame as a teenager in the famous wartime propaganda movie "49th Parallel". This was in a role she stepped into at the last minute when Elisabeth Bergner abruptly left for then-neutral America. By the end of the 40s, she was famous, particularly for comedy parts; over the next twenty years, she did a wide variety of movie roles - in "Miranda" (as a mermaid), "The Sword And The Rose", "Loser Takes All", "Shake Hands With The Devil", "The Sundowners" and many others. In the 60s, she seemed chiefly to be based in America, where she had her own TV show, "Glynis", and did plenty of guest shots on big series of the day. Her greatest success, however, was on stage, in the original Broadway production of "A Little Night Music". Four times married and divorced, well-known for her tempestuous romances and neurotic behaviour,she has nonetheless survived into her late 80s and still does occasional acting roles.