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1995: Goldfinger release Richter (way out of print now, check Ebay for any copies second hand). Becomes popular in local area on college radio. They create a highly low budget video for "Here In Your Bedroom".

1996: Sees the release of their first album (Self-Titled) to high acclaim. It included 5 of the 6 tracks from richter (all re-recorded) They released 3 singles and made 3 videos. They made a totally new and much better quality video for "Here In Your Bedroom", which was also the first single. This was known as their "MTV" moment. They made a video for the second single "Mable" and a further video for the song "Only a Day" though the 3rd and final single was for the song "Pictures".

1997: They released their second album "Hang Ups". The first single from this album was "This Lonely Place" which had a hilarious spoof of the film "Alien". Unfortunately this album though containing some classic Goldfinger songs, it didn't do as well and so only one video was made. They did release a second single though for "My Head".

1998: Goldfinger released a cover of the "Spiral Staircase" classic "More today than yesterday". It was the soundtrack to the hit Adam Sandler film "The Waterboy". A video was created and included clips from the film.

1999: In order to stop fans from becoming furious at the ever further away release date of their 3rd album (thanks to Mojo!) Goldfinger released two items to maintain support. They first released an EP of Covers called "Darrin's Coconut Ass Live from Omaha" (which included covers of songs by the Cure, Joan Jackson, The Who, The Police, the Specials and other artists). This was then accompanied by their first "Home Video: Darrins Coconut Ass". Which included all their videos up till this point, clips from their appearances on various talk shows and live footage. Also in this year Goldfinger's original bassist Simon Williams left due to musical incompatibilities and in came Kelly LeMieux (who was previously in 22 Jacks, and also in Electric Love Hogs, an old metal band, with John Feldmann).

2000: Saw the release of their 3rd album "Stomping Ground". America was treated to Counting the Days whiles other regions were given a sublime cover of Nena's "99 Red Balloons". Both singles had their own videos, Counting the Days was particularly sick! A video was also made for "San Simeon". Also goldfinger released a special "Ted Nugent" Single with the first 2000 copies i believe. It included the songs Ted Nugent (original version), Someone Else, Car Dog and Radio.

2001: Goldfinger released their Live Album titled "Foot in Mouth" (because the music was taken from the tour of England in this time, at which there was a crisis of Foot in Mouth disease). It included many classic tracks including a cover of Operation Ivy's "Smiling" and a hilarious take on Sisquo's "Thong Song" as sung by Dangerous Darrin, Goldfinger's krazy!( that's right kid! with a K!) drummer. Sadly long time guitarist Charlie Paulson left the band at the end of this year. To replace him 'young gun' Brian Arthur, took over on lead guitar.

2002: Saw the release of a brand new Goldfinger album titled "Open Your Eyes" as well as a change in record label (they moved from Mojo/Universal to Jive. The first single was the title track "Open Your Eyes" which was treated to a very good video. After this for the second single Goldfinger released their first double A-side single for "Spokesman" and "Tell Me", both of which got given videos.

2003: Goldfinger took time out to write new material and tour extensively.

2004: On March 23rd (March 1st for UK residents, in order to tie in with a UK tour) Goldfinger under THE SHOW MUST GO OFF!! range, released a DVD of their performance at the House of Blues in California. It contained over 35 minutes of bonus footage. In the summer they will release their new album.