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  • Goran Visnjic definitely has the potential

    I have seen Mr. Goran Visnjic in various formats and I can say that he is a good actor both on the little and the big screen. I have first seen this fine Croatian gentleman when he started playing in ... cause I've never heard of him before. Then all of a sudden, he was everywhere. I heard about Goran Visnjic starring a video in Madonna, I heard about Visnjic playing in a movie with Woody Harrelson, and what not. Now, I personally believe that he is one of the most talented actors here in Hollywood. He has the charisma and he may very well be the next James Bond (because he was in the top 3 choice back in 2005).

    So like the comments before me say, I believe that Goran deserves a chance to lead in a big Hollywood movie. To play a leading character and to truly shine brightly.
  • wish to see him in a big Hollywood movie as a leading actor.

    I only watch the episodes which includes Goran Visnjic. The relation between Abby and Luka was adorable. They were the best couple in the series.
    He is a very talented actor. I first saw him as bus driver in Welcome to Sarajevo which was a wonderful first class film then the bad guy in practical magic with Nicole and Sandra. Then ER. I know lots of people who start watching the show after Goran was introduced as Luka.
    I think that he definately deserves to be a bigger star. Once I heard that he would be in the Bond movie but unfortunately this information was wrong. I wish to see him as a leading actor in a big Hollywood movie. A villian in Bond can be counted too.
  • What can be said about such a Great MAN?

    I was just about ready to turn off the TV as i was not an avid ER fan.That is not to say that i had not ever watched just off and on...But on that night i saw a glimmer of hope for the show when they introduced Goran Visnjic.i have never missed an epsoid since then. He brought such a great mystery and Charm to the ER and of course he fell in love with Abby and let us not forget the humor that he also has, and has been involved in so many great stoylines since he first arried in Chicago.
  • Goran Višnjic, naasceu dia 9/9/72 é um ator croata radicado nos EUA. Desde 99 faz parte do elenco da série E.R. no papel do médico Luka Kovač. Goran entrou para o elenco da série da NBC ER na última temporada.

    Višnjić cresceu em uma cidade fora do Mar Adriático na sua Croácia nativa, onde ainda muito jovem decidiu que queria ser ator. Participou primeiramente de grupos de teatro locais e se inscreveu então na Academia de Artes Dramáticas em Zagreb. Ganhou a popularidade na Croácia quando, aos 21 anos, interpretou o papel principal de 'Hamlet', de Shakespeare, no prestigioso Festival de Verão de Dubrovnik. Desde que começou Visnjic não parou mais de fazer sucesso com filmes, séries e produções como "ER", a série americana de grande prestígio. Em seu tempo de lazer, Visnjic gosta de nadar. Vive em Los Angeles com sua esposa, Ivana. Participou do clipe "The Power of Goodbye", da cantora Madonna, feito em 1998.
    2005 - Elektra (Elektra) 2004 - Spartacus (Spartacus) (TV) 2004 - Duga mracna noc 2002 - Doctor Sleep 2002 - A era do gelo (Ice age) (voz) 2001 - Posljednja volja 2001 - Até o fim (Deep end, The) 2000 - Rebelde até o fim (Committed) 1998 - Da magia à sedução (Practical magic) 1998 - Cartas na mesa (Rounders) 1998 - Tesko je reci zbogom (TV) 1997 - O pacificador (Peacemaker, The) 1997 - Bem-vindo a Sarajevo (Welcome to Sarajevo) 1997 - Olujne tisine 1895-1995 (TV) 1997 - Puska za uspavljivanje 1996 - Prepoznavaje (TV) 1995 - Na mira certa (Night watch) (TV) 1995 - Vidimo se (TV) 1993 - Paranoja 1988 - Braca po materi
  • I don`t speak english very well (I live in Argentina), but I'm crazy for this man!!! He's charming, and talentous too. He's the most sexy man, for me, and I love him. Volim tè, Goran!!! (I love you in croatian), and Happy Birthday to you! GOD BLESSED YOU.

    I enjoy his acent, croatian. I had buy a soccer Seleccion Croatian t-shirt, and stamp, on my back, SIME. That's his nickname and he used the same t-shirt, in one episode of the show. I visited Warner Studio last March, and used this t-shirt, but I didn't see him or other ER's actors. But I can visited the place where film ER, Ambulance entrance, County General Hospital, The Loop, Jumbo Mark. And he had film a lot of movies. Some excelent movies, how Close your eyes (a.k.a.Hipnotic) and videos "The power of goodbye" with Madonna(1998), and recently, "Burn my Shadow", sing UNKLE, excelent song and amazing video!!!! I recomende you.
    The fans expected that he was elected the last James Bond, but the choice take Daniel Craig (very god 007!!!), and now, said that he'll work in the next James Bond film, but on villain paper, but he said that it's no true.
    He visited Argentina, on May 13th thru 17th, but nobody knows about his visit. We know it the day before departured :))) The Latinoamerican Goran Visnjic's fans Club: VOLIM TE (I'm the President :) ), are very sad and decepcionated, because he and Warner didn't say nothing :((( So, we'll expecte that the nex time, he'll anouncie his visit, and we can know him, awwww.
  • great actor, great works, he has amazing things around his career and is one of my favorite actors since Er

    goran visjnic: luka kovac, great character, he is one of the best, he next to maura (abby) they have turned the show into the most exciting drama, he has to worry about his family and also work, something that makes it more interesting, it keeps getting better and better. he is pretty talented and i have seen his work in movies and guest apareances in other series and he does a great job in every one of them, i think he should have been a bigger star, but i dont complain cause he has done amaizing works and he is great on ER.
  • Dreamy.

    Goran Visjnic is a handsome, talented actor who takes his craft seriously. He seems to understand the business aspect of acting in that he is amicable to the camera. Unlike some in his field, he does not try to gain notice/publicity through gossip or sleazy tabloids. He needs to gain more exposure by acting in hit movies. His stint on Elektra wasn't it. Hopefully, he will gain a role in the next Bond flick and that will give him the break he needs to get into movies. He definately has the talent. In a day and age where morality is at an all time low, Visjnic exemplifies the virtues of by gone days. He refuses to perform nude scenes or gratuitous sex scenes. Unfortunately, his virtues may be what hinders him in making it on the big screen. I wish the very best for him because I want to see him in more projects, be it film or tv.
  • What can be said about this man?

    I was ready to stop watching ER when George Clooney left. Then along came a handsome, spunky and ever so cutie called Goran Visnjic. He brought mystery, charm, humour and spice to the show, and if it wern't for him I wouldn't be watching ER today. Goran's character, Luka, is definitely a favourite, and has been involved in some of the greatest ER storylines including, The Bishop storyline and of course more recently, reconciling with his lover Abby, having a baby boy with her, and now proposing to her. What more could we get from ER? I'm expecting great things to happen to Luka and the ER as a whole, and I can't wait!
  • The best looking and most talented male in e.r...!

    His potrayal of Luka in e.r is some of his best work , he adds a touch of mystery to the character and in my opinion he is the best male in e.r.

    Luka's character started of slowly but hey it's to be expected , but as the seasons moved on we started to get a better insight into the character and the gorgeous actor. I think he had a poor time during the whole carby era but he is at his best when with Abby. Goran and Maura's onscreen chemistry just works and the recent storyline with ames has just boosted goran's acting ability.

    Oh and one more thing even if your not interested in the whole background he is gorgeous , that would be enough to watch him believe me..!
  • Goran is the best thing to ever happen to ER ...ever!

    Goran's character 'Luka' started off relatively slow..just a bit of eye candy to replace the void left by George Clooney.
    How he grew into the character was surprising as was my fascination with watching him on screen...he was different and somehow I found myself rooting for his character because I like the way he was beginning to portray him.
    When I watched Goran's portrayal of Luka in the episodes set in The Congo..I was totally in awe and emotionally I was there with him and the journey his character took.
    Somewhere in Season 11 I had a baby and lost track of ER and in hindsight it was probably a good thing as I think his character hit a slump.
    The reuniting of Abby & Luka in season 12 has been my all time favourite TV highlight (Besides Ross & Rachel).
    Goran and Maura work well with each other and this has further enhanced my opinion of Goran and my love of his character Luka.
    If he leaves or the show finishes up...I will be sad.
    To watch a show for 13 years is phenomenal and to still enjoy it after all this time is like having a good friend.
    To come here and post in Luka utopia is wonderful.
    So in the immortal words of Abba I say
    'Thank you for the music..for giving it to me..."
  • The cute ER doc!

    Goran Visnjic...i love him!, well i cannot love him if i don´t know him, but i love how he acts!, i´ve seen some interviews and i think i´d like him. Though i know the interviews does not show extacly how he is.

    I would love to meet him. That is one of my biggest dreams :D. But is almost unreachable (?), because i am too far from LA or Croatia.

    He does souch a grat job in ER, that i also love Luka. The cute doc is a person i would love to be with, is great person to be with, i think, for everyone :D.

    I love everything about them both.
  • this man was sent by god to make me drool at the mouth, everytime i see him, or hear his gorgeous croatian voice :D

    WOW,WOW,WOW Goran Visnjic has to be the most handsome man on the planet! He has the most beautiful eyes, smile, eyelashes... the list goes on!! hes just GORGEOUS!

    If it wasnt for ER, i dont think i would of known about him, so THANKYOU ER! talking about ER, i think GV's acting is this programmes, is truely spectacular, on all levels! he acts so passionatly and with true feeling. i think his on screen chemistry with Maura Tierney is brilliant too. they work so well together, and i love how the writers in ER, have made them be together! Goran Visnjic is one of the best actors around, and should be rewards with hundreds of EMMY's, especially for his role in ER!! hes the greatest!
  • He\'s So Nice. Trust me I know.

    He\'s So Nice. Trust me I know. My mom took my nephew on the set because he\'s on the episode Graduation day. And he was so nice. He held the door open for her and was just a real gentlemen. She said most of the celebrities who work on the show are really mean. Not all but a lot of them. She asked Goran\'s assistant for his autograph for me and the assistant told my mom he was really busy. So the assistant told my mom to give her our address and my mom did. I didn\'t think assistants or celebrities cared that much. But I actually got his autograph and he signed it to me. It arrived in the mail and know I think he\'s so nice. It\'s funny how you begin to like someone once find out who they really are on the inside. I was on the set of charmed a lot and everyone especially Alyssa Milano was really nice. She took me into her trailer and talked. But there was person on the show who was really mean. I won\'t name names but it kind of sucks when you like a show so much and you find out how some of the cast is.
  • Long, dark, talented with a cute accent, well what can I say: I love him!

    He is just a great acter, not just hot.
    I love him in ER, he really gives Luka Kovac a personality and you can really just watch him forever:)
    That´s why I like the episodes in ER that much when they are in Africa because he is in those episodes so much:)
    He really fits in in the ER:)
    But enough about ER, he is great in movies that I have seen him in too:) For example Elektra, he´s great there too:)
    A little advice: Watch everything you can with him!;)
    // mich
  • I love this man!

    OK, I admit it – I’m a sucker for “tall, dark and handsome” and if it comes with an accent as well, then I’m done for! But Goran Visnjic is so much more than just a pretty face…

    I was initially attracted by his looks, in that blue shirt and sunglasses walking through the ambulance bay whilst still mourning the departure of a certain George Clooney. But Goran can act in a way that GC never could. He gives each of his characters, not just Luka, a depth and individuality that many other actors don’t seem to. He is able to convey far more with a single look than many actors are able to with a whole page of dialogue.

    All in all a wonderful actor. If you haven’t seen any of his films, I recommend that you do.
  • wow

    Goran is the best addition to ER ever, not only is he gorgeous, but he is a remarkable talented actor, I feel that Luka Kovac, is the best ER charecter ever, very well written and eve\n better acted, I haven't had the pleasureof watching his Croatian movies, but I plan on hunting them dwwn and watching every one, great person great actor